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Now why would you need a magazine that holds more than ten rounds?

A band of 15-20 teens roaming Northwestern robbing and beating people. And why would you need a gun on campus?

16 Responses to “Now why would you need a magazine that holds more than ten rounds?”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    Or in Chicago?

    Or on your person anywhere in Illinois?

  2. Jay G. Says:

    Meh. This doesn’t support magazines in excess of 10 rounds, Unc.

    I guarantee you put 2 or 3 down, the rest will scatter like roaches…

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    “No Ace, just you.”

  4. CoachBob412 Says:

    A goocher! But I’d still want the option of putting more down if, seeing their buddies drop, they start pulling guns. Or let’s pretend (I know it’s a stretch) I miss the mark once or twice in the chaos.

  5. ATL Says:

    Why do we need other people deciding what we need?

  6. John Says:

    If there are that many of them in the gang that are actively attacking people, I absolutely wouldn’t expect them to flee after the first one (or two, or more) are stopped. I would expect them to only be more violent and more intent.

    So, if you figure it needs three rounds per violent criminal actor — or if one is a Chicago cop, 14 rounds per perp — times 20 perps, that means we 1911 guys are going to need to start rethinking our preferences.

    Or just stay out of Chicago.

  7. Dean Says:

    Or carry a ‘Chicago Typewriter’.

  8. Crotalus Says:

    We ought to be free to have magazine as large as we want, or feel the need to have, but that’s not the political reality.

    So in that scenario, we’re left with shooting two and saying, “Who’s next?”

  9. Jay G. Says:

    My response was meant tongue-in-cheek, I would *HOPE* that got picked up on…

    That said, if you’ve got a group that is not dissuaded by you shooting two of their members, brother, you have bigger problems than magazine capacity.

  10. Gun Blobber Says:

    Just FYI, this was in Northwestern’s satellite Chicago campus, pretty much in downtown Chicago (depending on how you define “downtown Chicago” — some people say only the Loop is downtown proper). The main Northwestern campus is in Evanston, which is north of Chicago. I have never seen this downtown “campus” myself, but having been in that neighborhood before, I doubt that it is very big or really much of a “campus” — probably more like a building or part of a building. (Lots of high-rises in the area.) There is also a Northwestern Hospital in that area.

  11. ATLien Says:

    Wow, John, you don’t live near too many Urban Youth, do you? Cause they’re cowards. Why do you think they attacked a guy riding a scooter?

  12. Sigivald Says:

    It’s lawfully carried guns that make a campus unsafe.


    (And as ATLien said – a gang of youths picking on the weak and defenseless are not brave supermen.

    Show a gun and they’ll probably disperse. Shoot one or two of them and they definitely will.

    They don’t have esprit de corps or some other motive to attack an armed and hostile target, after all. They want cheap thrills, cheap power, and the proceeds of robbery.)

  13. Ron W Says:

    How many rounds in a magazine is according to your right, your choice and what’s available. It’s a topic for discussion and someone may ask you why you need hi-cap mags or disagree with your choice and choose not to have them, but the govenment has NO “delegated power” over that matter.

  14. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “No private individual needs a gun on campus because we Marxists collectively rule academia and we say so.”

  15. Lyle Says:

    “…why would you need a magazine that holds more than ten rounds?”

    Because I bloody well feel like it. That’s the only reason I need, and it’s no one else’s business in any case.

  16. Crotalus Says:

    Heh! I posted before I saw yours, JayG. I knew it for satire, but I think there’s more truth to it than one might think. And yes, if you can’t dissuade the mob by shooting two, they’ll swarm you before you can empty the gun. And, such a mob would actually be insane. Deep trouble, indeed!