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Oh No! They Have A Coalition

US and Mexican groups are going to hold their breath until Barack Obama does somethingtm about gun laws:

The first demand being made of Obama is an immediate ban on imports of assault rifles into the United States “because most are (later) sent as contraband to Mexico,” the groups said.

Uhm, that’s already done. Sporting purposes language and all. I know you’re not serious because you don’t the laws nor what the president can do. The rest of their ‘demands’ consist of giving ATF more power. Really? The same ATF that smuggled over 1,000 guns in to Mexico?

Notably absent from their demands is effective border control.

8 Responses to “Oh No! They Have A Coalition”

  1. Ed Says:

    The lack of coherence would be hysterical if they weren’t trying to trample our rights. Assault rifles are in fact machine guns and those haven’t been importable for more than 40 years. I think they meant the false term “assault weapons” which, as you point out, are also unimportable owing to the sporting purposes clause. Finally, the notion that “most are (later) sent as contraband to Mexico” is absurd. Most of nothing imported into the US goes to Mexico as contraband. At this point, the only large numbers of guns going to Mexico are those allowed to go there by BATFE.

  2. hellferbreakfast Says:

    THIS is what Gunwalker is all about. Billary was squawking the same thing long ago, then suddenly, crickets chirping. The movement of guns into a foreign country is supposed, by law, to have EACH firearm approved by the State Dept.

  3. one-eyed Jack Says:

    First of all, assault rifles are machine guns and are not being imported to be sold in gun shops anyway. On the other hand,what’s wrong with more business for the gun industry and more dead Mexicans? Jack.

  4. Tirno Says:

    Er, dead Mexicans in general is wrong. I do have a bit of a problem with the notion that Project Gunrunner wasn’t a colossal screw up until a US Border Agent get killed. Those smuggled guns were being fed to gangs that preyed on innocent Mexicans, too. We’d be going to war if a foreign government were intentionally funneling guns to the Crips. The Mexican people have a legitimate beef with the ATF and DoJ, and I’m not convinced extradition isn’t in order.

    Dead narcosmugglers? Nothing wrong with that.

  5. divemedic Says:

    How about the crime that Mexico’s illegal smuggling of Mexicans into the United States is causing? This is a policy that is being officially supported by Mexico’s government.

  6. Tirno Says:

    Oh, that’s casus belli as well, but the American tradition is to see a distinction between the actions of the government and the desires of the people. Jose and Juana Mexican don’t deserve death from gangs armed by the American government any more than they deserve the boning they get from the Mexican government’s corruption and buffoonery on a daily basis.

  7. Diomed Says:

    “We’d be going to war if a foreign government were intentionally funneling guns to the Crips.”

    Haven’t the Chinese been caught doing essentially just that?

    Last time I checked, we weren’t at war with China.

  8. Bubblehead Les Says:

    This reminds me of the Sullivan Act, where one corrupt Politician found a way to disarm his opposition, but because he was in Charge, he and his cronies were allowed to keep their guns.

    So which Mexican Drug Lord is pushing to have his Opposition Disarmed, and which U.S. Politicians are trying to help him (for a small fee, of course)?