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Layers of editorial oversight

The no-questions-asked program yielded more than 200 nonworking guns, 170 rifles, 219 handguns and even a 12-gauge “street sweeper” assault rifle.

3 Responses to “Layers of editorial oversight”

  1. Chris Says:

    Another gem:
    “If I had thrown it in the garbage and someone had sawed it off, it could have been a lethal weapon,” he said.

    I think it could have been a lethal weapon without being sawed off.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “At some of these locations, we’ve had mothers and grandmothers turn in sawed-off shotguns and assault rifles,” Brown said. “We know they are not the owners of those weapons. We know they’re turning them in for family members who might use them in a moment of anger or in a crime.”

    And they spin this like its a GOOD thing? There are TWO options for this. Either Granny is stealing a relative’s gun so she can waddle off with some cash….or Granny is covering up for gang-bangers crime guns that are too hot to sell out of the trunk of their car.

    And of course the money given out COULD get more cops on the street…you know ARRESTING CRIMINALS…and when you catch the ‘bangers they get to seize the guns and rather than paying a fee, they get to file charges!

    PILES of stupidity.

  3. Kristopher Says:

    The paper redacted the photo.