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Suppressed Revolver

1895 Nagant

4 Responses to “Suppressed Revolver”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    The interesting thing about the Nagant is that the cylinder moves forward to seal against the forcing cone when one pulls the trigger. Most other revolvers don’t do that, as far as I know, and the cylinder-barrel gap is another source of the gun’s noise.

    Do any modern revolvers move the cylinder to seal that gap? Is the Nagant still made?

  2. John Smith. Says:

    No modern revolvers that I know of do this. One custom made S&W had a really tiny clearance between cylinder and barrel though. The nagant has not been made in many years. Of course like most things russian there are tons of them lying about. Fairly cheap though ammo is scarce. I believe there is a conversion cylinder that allows it to use a modern type of ammo. Cannot remember the caliber off the top of mine head.

  3. Beaumont Says:

    Conversion cylinders are available. I’ve seen them advertised chambered in .32ACP as well as .32S&WL. I can’t say what level of quality they offer. I believe J&G Sales may have them.

  4. Diomed Says:

    Nagants can use .32 S&W Long in their original cylinder, the case will just balloon a bit, maybe split. .32 H&R mag should work too, but I’ve been too chicken to try it.

    Another factor to consider is that the 7.62x38R case can blow out, helping to seal the gap more tightly during firing. The gap is where you get the noise in a suppressed revolver, after all.

    It’s just hard to silence a revolver.