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Sig 1911 in 22LR

From John over at The Gun Shots.

3 Responses to “Sig 1911 in 22LR”

  1. chris Says:

    Kimber came out with a 22 1911 a few years ago and a friend of mine bought one.

    The problem with it was the fact that it was a featherweight gun and it was hard to keep steady as a result of feeling like I was holding a paper plate in my hand.

    The Sig specs say that its new 1911 22lr is 34 ounces.

    I wish it were in the 37 – 40 ounce range.

  2. Rivrdog Says:

    Look, just because it’s the Centenary of JMBs masterpiece doesn’t mean that the 1911 has to be bastardized so much.

    The original design was meant to be a pistol shooting the 45 ACP, then later, the 38 Super, a very powerful cartridge for it’s day. We now have 1911s in every cartridge from .22 Long Rifle to 460 Rowland, although I’ve never seen a 25 ACP 1911.

    Other designers have made important contributions as well. Ruger’s famous Mark series of 22s comes to mind. Gaston Glock wasn’t a bad designer, either. To bow and scrape towards an image of JMB because someone builds a 1911 in 22 Long Rifle seems to be the height of absurdity to me.

  3. mikee Says:

    I’m not bowing at JMB because of his design being built as a 22LR, I’m just gleeful it won’t cost me $0.35 per round to shoot a 1911 model handgun. If I buy one of these. Which I likely won’t, because I have a Buckmark and a few Rugers already. And a Beretta Model 21 that is a jam-o-matic, so don’t get one of those.

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