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Lying to win

On the push to allow law-abiding permit holders to carry on campus, Alex Hannaford lies:

When you think of it like that: giving guns to young students largely interested in sex and booze, I’d wager it seems less of a genius idea.

Except that none of the bills give any body guns. They remove prohibitions on carrying in certain places. If you have to lie and misrepresent the issue to make your point, you’re probably losing.

5 Responses to “Lying to win”

  1. Old Doctor Weasel Says:

    If you have to lie to get your way, your way ain’t worth getting.

  2. bluesun Says:

    Wow. Blanket statement, much?

  3. comatus Says:

    And yet these people co-sign loans (and attach your earnings) to send their “children” to places “largely interested in sex and booze.” So long as they’re disarmed and helpless while there, they are down with that. Honest to Crom, it’s like human sacrifice.

    How did he manage to leave drugs out of this?
    Professional courtesy?

  4. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Giving guns? Who is giving guns to university students? I had to buy my own.

    OTOH, I bought guns with my NRA scholarship in grad school? Does that count?

  5. Lyle Says:

    Shootin’ Buddy; Naw, everyone knows that as soon as campus carry kicks in, the NRA sends multiple truckloads of guns to the school and hands them out to any and all while playing “Happy Days Are Here Again” on a calliope, like Shriners throwing out candy at a parade.

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