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Paul Helmke coming to town

Well, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership will be in Chattanooga, under the guise of reducing gun violence.

A push to have that stopped, painting him as an extremist.

9 Responses to “Paul Helmke coming to town”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    He adds that event organizers don’t believe gun ownership is the only culprit behind the crimes.

    But apparently they do think it is a culprit.

  2. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    You better watch six
    You better not protest
    Better not pack heat while about
    I’m telling you why
    Paul Helmke is coming to town
    He’s making a list of guns to ban
    And checking it twice;
    Gonna find out Who’s armed and who’s not
    Paul Helmke is coming to town
    He sees you when you’re filling out a 4473
    He knows when you’re on line
    He knows if you’ve been bad or good
    So be unarmed for goodness sake!
    O! You better watch out!
    You better not cry
    Better not pout
    I’m telling you why
    Paul Helmke, the dumbest man in Indiana politics, is coming to town
    Paul Helmke is coming to town

  3. MrSatyre Says:

    To be taken seriously, jdberger first needs to learn to write properly. Lines such as “…by stripping the legitimacy dim our opponents” and “Marginalized them” aren’t helping his case.

  4. jdberger Says:

    MrSatyre – I was writing on an iPhone, in the middle of a Little League game (between innings). Cut me a little slack.

    What have you done for the Cause, lately?

  5. MrSatyre Says:

    @jdberger: Look, I appreciate your efforts, don’t get me wrong, but like the guy who carries a shotgun into a library “just because he can”, blatant misuse of the English language makes everyone trying to further the 2nd Amendment come across as clueless hicks. Remember, the enemy also has an ‘edumatation’ and will zero in on you for all the wrong reasons.

    And don’t get all defensive just because someone called you on your grammar and spelling. We’re all adults here, not third graders.

  6. MJM Says:

    Thank you for pointing this out, Uncle.

    Dear Mr. Beeland [media relations director for Chattanooga]:

    I note today in the news that your city is having a “gun violence” summit, and that Paul Helmke will be speaking. I am writing to tell you what I, and every other freedom-loving gun owner in this state hears from those two city pronouncements.

    The mere fact that you are hosting a “gun violence” summit shouts out ineffective, but oppressive “gun control” instead of crime control. I propose you host a summit on how to expedite capital murder prosecutions across the state, instead. Indeed, turning your eyes from the killers among you to waste time debating how to strip citizens of constitutional rights sends the wrong message to the murderer crowd.

    Next, having Helmke speak would be like resurrecting Karl Marx to address a local summit on entrepreneurship—except that at least communism rose to be a true power. Paul Helmke’s group is passing by the wayside, and has nothing credible to add to any debate about crime control, firearms safety, or holding onto the rights that make up our political liberty.

    Finally, if I were a citizen of Chattanooga, I would also hear from this that it is time to rally, raise funds, and replace the city’s government at the next election.


  7. comatus Says:

    Oh MrSatyre,

    I was sure that you’d want to be reminded that it’s “edumacation.” Also, “everyone” is singular, so the sentence should read, “…everyone trying…to come across as A clueless hick.” One does appreciate your concern. Keep on your toes, and keep up the good work. How is that beam in your eye coming along?

    I remain, Sir,
    Yr Obdnt Svnt

  8. DirtCrashr Says:

    And this pushback is coming from where? Calguns? From California?? We do so much for the rest of the states. 🙂

  9. Linoge Says:

    Hm. The event seems to be transpiring during a time when most folks work… I guess that is one way to minimize “debate”.

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