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Palm Pistol

John Snow has some criticisms:

Why on earth you’d trust your life to a single-shot is beyond me. There’s also the problem that if you pulled this out and pointed it at a bad guy, he wouldn’t even know enough to be scared.

Bob Boyd has a rebuttal.

I think the Palm Pistol is interesting. It has several advantages and disadvantages. I’m not sure that not looking like a gun is one or the other. But I would not bet that the ATF won’t change it’s mind on its classification as a pistol.

5 Responses to “Palm Pistol”

  1. Gunmartblog Says:

    Hey, you could always just carry two!

  2. aeronathan Says:

    I’d rather have one shot than no shot….

  3. Matt Carmel Says:

    What the Palm Pistol looks like is immaterial. Once you draw any firearm, that is brandishing. Your life had better be under imminent threat or chances are you will end up breaking big rocks into little rocks (or spending your life savings defending yourself). Besides, any gun can be disguised. It can may to look like a jacket by simply firing it from within a jacket!

    If you are missing an index finger and cannot otherwise fire a traditional pistol or revolver, what other alternatives are available? None that I am aware of so indeed one shot is better than no shot. If the attacker is on top of you, you will be in a better position to successfully argue justifiable use of lethal force. And a single well placed point blank shot to a vital area will undoubtedly have the required stopping power. In a close range engagement, as studies show is the case in most defensive handgun uses, it would be very difficult for the unpracticed senior or disabled non-professional (precisely my target market)to grip, draw, and fire a traditional handgun.

  4. nk Says:

    There’s any number of guns that can be fired by a disabled person.

    The Winchester Model 87 (you wire the trigger back and work the handle) or any single action (same thing, you wire the trigger back and just slip the hammer).

  5. Matt Carmel Says:

    A Winchester Model 87 lever action long arm? For disabled concealed carry personal defense? By someone wheelchair bound? With a weak upper body? With a trigger wired back?