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Another Mayor Against Guns Arrested

The company you keep, Mayor Bloomberg.

One Response to “Another Mayor Against Guns Arrested”

  1. Roger Says:

    That woman was the mayor of my town, The little
    community of Tamarac Florida. May she rest in prison for a long long time.
    She won’t of course. She’s a dimocrat. dimocrats are
    above the law. The current “misunderstanding” will fade away.
    Kind’a like the Tamarac dimocrat supervisor of elections from two years ago. She was heaved out for gross incompetence. (hard to do when you is a dimocrat dont’cha know) then given an appointment in the school system. Just last week she was fired because she had lied on her resume. I wonder where she’ll perch the next time she lands.

    May God help our country with dimocrats like these in positions of power.


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