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Recipe blogging

Stuff Zucchini with a Power Drill. Because everything is better with power tools.

Leftover Chicken Shepherd’s Pie, from a blog I always make the mistake of reading when I’m hungry.

How Canadian troops in Afghanistan make coffee. It apparently involves gratuitous use of F-bombs.

6 Responses to “Recipe blogging”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    Interesting, The Canadian style MREs look like they’re all brown bagging it.

  2. Weak Stream Says:

    Hey Uncle, I too like to browse the foodie websites. here is one you’ll like. Lots of great ways to eat fancy for pennies on the dollar. Lots of good cocktail formulas too. Enjoy!

  3. OHIO SHAWN Says:

    Those are the funniest Canadians I have ever seen. LMAO.

  4. DirtCrashr Says:

    A looong time ago (late 70’s) National Lampoon magazine did a funny bit about Canadians, a Canada Supplement I think – ever other effing word they spoke was the effing f-bomb. My buddy at the time was a Canuck and his speech patterns verified that – to them it’s simply a part of punctuation, like a comma.

  5. seeker_two Says:

    I think I might try Canadian Fire-Team Coffee next time I go camping….maybe there’s hope for the 51st state after all…..

  6. hist_ed Says:

    Anyone else notice that the cleanish shaven coffee makers rifle was pointed at the bearded coffee maker’s, ummm, swimsuit area for a significant amount of time whilst they were making coffee?

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