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What we all need

A crossbow that fires machetes.

6 Responses to “What we all need”

  1. JoeMerchant24 Says:

    When machete-firing slingshots are outlawed, only outlaws will have machete-firing slingshots.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Got my Zombie gun.

  3. mikee Says:

    Can it be upgraded to fire chainsaws?

  4. John Farrier Says:

    I want my chainsaw-firing crossbow to have a bayonet lug on each crossbow and on each chainsaw.

  5. Michael Hawkins Says:

    I see your machete firing slingshot and raise you a rocket propelled machete.

    From the same guy who brought you the “shotgun propelled cratermaker”

  6. Beaumont Says:

    Hmmm….how about harpoons?