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NRA and Suppressors

They mention the Kansas suppressor victory on their facebook page. NRA fans chime in in comments with suppressors aren’t necessary and are for cop killing. Our own worst enemy, some times.

24 Responses to “NRA and Suppressors”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Sometimes I think the anti gunners are right when they say the NRA works through ignorance…

  2. Robb Allen Says:

    I bet if I were to push for Open Carry AND Suppressors, I’d have no more friends left in the gun community.

    We can be our own worst, way more often than I’m happy with.

  3. The Packetman Says:

    It’d be nice if the NRA would start actually supporting NFA weapons owners.

    They could start by trying to educate their membership.

    Hell, I might even join.

  4. Tam Says:

    Take the noise suppressor off your car and put it on your gun and you can get a federal prison sentence and a traffic citation!

  5. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Still looks like for every fudd using the Brady tactic of “need” (while ignoring of course that I bought some ground beef at the supermarkets, and never needed to load up my gun or climb in a treestand) there are 10 people who get it.

    Not as grim as you paint it IMHO.

  6. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Mufflers on Harleys-Good for Old Ladies, Bad For Bikers.
    Mufflers on Cars-Good for Old Ladies, Bad for Hot Rodders.
    Mufflers on Weapons- Good for Hunters, Bad for the NRA Old Ladies?
    I’m Confused. I thought we all wanted to reduce Noise Pollution and Hearing Loss in our Society.

  7. DevsAdvocate Says:

    These people seriously piss me off… In NJ, we’re lucky to have any decent gun rights, but in Kansas? God forbid these spoiled brats get more.

    I’d love to be able to mount a suppressor on my AR-15… just like I’d love to have a flash hider… or a collapsible stock… or a bayonet lug.

  8. Captain Holly Says:

    Um, I detect several anti-gun trolls in their comments.

    There are plenty of pro-gunners who pretend to be antis at DU and Brady sites, it’s not inconceivable that there would be anti-gunners pretending to be fans of the NRA.

  9. Kristopher Says:

    That may be. Every smart anti who blog comments always claims to be some kind of gun owner before he begins his “But, …” spew, or does some kind of concern-trolling.

  10. Bryan S. Says:

    NRA works politics. Thats what they are. And many of the supporters are only supporters of your right to hunt and shoot clays, and see no reason for you to need X firearm, y accessory, or z ammunition.

    They (those types of gunowners, or Fudds) arent supporters of rights, they are supporters of official oppression.

  11. John Smith. Says:

    Trolling: Any statement you disagree with…. Captain Holly you are the only one trolling… Everybody who posted before you posts rather often in support of pro gun..

  12. An Ordinary American Says:

    Nothing wrong with sensible gun control.

    Problem is, it doesn’t work–and that is by design. Freedom has never worked best when constrained by those who wish to control it for impure reasons.


  13. Lance R. Peak Says:

    John Smith, you do realize Cap’n Holly was referring to the NRA Facebook comments and not the ones in here, yes?

  14. Laughingdog Says:


    I’d be right there with you. I OC regularly, and I’d love a supressor, but they cost too damn much. Besides, I don’t own anything with a threaded barrel anyway.

  15. Sigivald Says:

    “For cop killing”, they say?

    I wonder, actually, has a suppressor ever been used in the murder of a police officer in the US?

    If so, when, and how often does it happen?

    I suspect the answer might well be never, and if not, it must be staggeringly uncommon, since I’ve never heard of it – and it’s exactly the sort of thing that would be trumpeted.

  16. DonM Says:

    One doesn’t know very well if a suppressor was used in the killing of a cop, as it leaves no forensic marker. It is one of those things that can’t be determined except by the witnesses, who, if they did notice the cop was being shot, wouldnt have noticed the sound suppression, or if they didn’t notice the cop was being shot, wouldn’t have noticed the sound suppression.

  17. DonM Says:

    Finland law permits suppressors, and even requires it in some circumstances, as simple good manners. Finland is not known for high police mortality.

  18. Melody Byrne Says:

    The Fudds need suppressors even more than the rest of us. If they lived anywhere near the areas in which they hunt they’d realize the people living in the backcountry would absolutely LOVE for them to show up with suppressed firearms.

    Or maybe I’m just bitter because the shotguns came out on my part of the lake at dawn on the first day of waterfowl season. Nothing like the sound of shotguns a 1/4 mile away at 6am to make you love the concept of suppression.

  19. HL Says:

    Sigivald, I see silencers used to kill cops all the time in movies. It must be true.

    Most gun control is inspired to combat some shit that a soccer-mom saw in a movie.

  20. Diomed Says:

    There’s certainly data that silencers have no relationship to violent crime (or, really, crime at all other than simple possession):

    But then this isn’t about facts and never has been.

  21. Ian Argent Says:

    I’ve heard it said that the inclusion of silencers as an NFA item was primarily an anti-poaching measure (in response to poaching on Federal lands in the Depression).

  22. Arnie Says:

    I have a silencer. It throws off my aim and kicks like a bear, but I’ll take out any tyrant who tries to violate my God-given right to keep and bear it!

  23. Ross Says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any organized opposition to the bill to permit use of NFA legal suppressors in Washington State. House bill 1016 has all ready passed the House and is out of committee in the Senate.

  24. Captain Holly Says:

    Dear John:

    Didn’t read the linked Facebook thread, I see. Which contains the comments to which I was referring, not the ones here.

    Reading, how does it work?

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