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Armed Civilian Identifier

I’m not entirely opposed to this concept. Other sites sell those stupid CCW Badges, which are dumb, may cause legal trouble, may get you shot, and definitely look mall ninjaish. But the color-coded idea isn’t too bad. But, sparky, don’t call me civilian. The police are civilians too.

17 Responses to “Armed Civilian Identifier”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Do they have Star of David identifying badges for Jews too? Maybe a pink triangle so we can identify the good gays from the bad? 😉

    I guess I’m just cynical. I don’t think there would be enough adoption rate to make a difference. I think hands on the head, fingers clasped, is a pretty good “Don’t shoot me indicator” as it is, even if you have a pistol on your hip in the open.

    But with Cops being trained as a paramilitary force these days, I’m not sure much will work if their trigger fingers start itching.

  2. John Smith. Says:

    Spot on Robb. I was just wondering if they will start making an armband. The only thing that badge will do is paint a very brightly colored target on ones chest…

  3. geekWithA.45 Says:

    IFF is a fundamental problem.

    Totems of any description (including badges and uniforms) are not the solution in a civil context. (They can be faked, misleading, etc.) They are a solution to the problem in a *military* context.

    The onus is on law enforcement not to operate under the invalid and brain dead assumption that any armed person not displaying a totem is an aggressor in need of immediate restraint and confinement.

    Yes, I know this makes their job tougher, and adds a behavioral analysis component to their decision making process. Too bad. There’s no escaping the need to think when it comes to pointing guns at people, and it’s what armed citizens have to do every day.

  4. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Every time I see Armed Civilian Identifiers, the left quickly turns them into Stars of David that must be worn by the offending group. Concealed carry is concealed.

    Honestly, states should just issue a permit picture id. Keep it in whichever pocket is most difficult to hide a gun in, like the chest pocket on a dress shirt. Use your off hand.

  5. Liston Says:

    Reach for the sky, or just go ahead and prone out, as seems prudent.

    Reaching into the shirt to pull out this emblem might get you shot.

    Bad guys could display them, too.

    Looks kinda like a Japanese flag.

  6. Liston Says:

    WWII Japanese flags:

  7. Pol Mordreth Says:

    Another reason why i carry openly…. my sidearm is my ‘identifier’. heh.

  8. hellferbreakfast Says:

    Just wear a “shoot me first” vest.

  9. Joe Mama Says:

    I’ve heard you just need to pull out something the size of a drivers license (before the cops show up) and hold it up – I believe most competent cops would take that as “good guy”. Then again, I think I would look quite fetching in a DSM sash!

  10. Miguel Says:

    Going with Robb on this one. Besides it looks like a funky backstage pass for a Grateful Dead cover band concert.

    I’ll go with the universal “Hands way above my head and don’t move” stance. Last thing I need is getting my butt shot because I am trying to find the damn card as I paw around my body.

  11. Leatherwing Says:

    Here’s a question (for me it’s strictly hypothetical since I don’t currently carry).

    If you’ve removed your firearm from it’s holster, and you know Police are coming, do you re-holster it, or lay it on the ground? Are there any legal ramifications to re-holstering it? Seems it’s the safest option, but re-holstering can also look like drawing, to someone just arriving.

  12. mariner Says:

    We’re discussing an attempt to mitigate the problem of trigger-happy cops.

    There is no solution short of training them not to be trigger-happy, and holding them strictly personally accountable for wrongful shootings.

    (Like either of these are likely in my lifetime …)

  13. seeker_two Says:

    Certainly makes an easy target for the cops to shoot at….

  14. Bobby Says:

    That, or show the police that sharting yourself while unloading 40 rds in the vicinity of someone holding a black wallet 40 yds away has some implications. But I dont know… I’m just a civilian.

  15. Burke Says:

    Looks like some sort of commie badge. I can’t imagine every LEO knowing about it, yet it remaining unnoticed by the bad guys.

  16. AntiCitizenOne Says:

    Better idea – be in SUL position with your weapon covered until the cop says “drop the weapon!”

  17. chaszman Says:

    Good comments folks. Thanks. Please see the note I posted on the ACI(tm) homepage on 2 April.
    Design: based on the flag of the heroic State of Arizona, doubled over. Unmistakeable, at a glance.
    geekwitha45 is a good comment, as with mariner and Robb. This is a starting point as a re-trainer of police, and invites your involvement.
    Make the point endlessly: avoidance of “Friendly Fire” casualties is incumbent on persons and agencies that are authorized to use Deadly Force. Soldiers do it; cops must too.
    The ACI(tm) is a benign tool that will help them to achieve that.