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Keep your booger hook off the bang switch

SWAT officer stumbles, kills man face down on the ground.

23 Responses to “Keep your booger hook off the bang switch”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Sounds like another one of those 99 percent justified shootings….

  2. Stormy Dragon Says:

    Given the situation, an innocent man dead due to gross negligence on the part of a cop who has so far suffered no repercussions whatsoever, I found the title a bit glib.

  3. Phelps Says:

    Yup, this was the 0.001 unjustified shooting, obviously. Looks like we are good for another 30 years.

  4. Robert Says:

    But it’s OK, because it was just an honest mistake!

  5. HardC0rps Says:

    It’s just an old black guy being shot to death by police in the most racist part of the country, what’s the surprise?

  6. Jay G. Says:

    But remember, only cops should have guns.

    They are, after all, so much more highly trained and capable than you or I…

  7. Barron Barnett Says:

    Every carrier out there would be looking at a manslaughter charge at minimum. He was NEGLIGENT and that resulted in the death of an innocent person. I fail to see how there is actually a difference between the police and civilians. They get a “get out of jail free card” for negligence resulting in the death of a person. Where I’m from that’s manslaughter.

    After that freaking Seattle PD incident, this crap really needs to stop. Officers are no more above the law than anyone else.

  8. John Smith. Says:

    Cops just like you and me only better… Much much better…

  9. Dann in Ohio Says:

    I guess the gun must be a racist, as the article states that the gun apparently fired after the officer removed his left hand from it to catch himself while falling. This has resulted in a civil rights investigation and pending lawsuit = therefore, the gun is a racist.

  10. Reloader Says:

    Royal order of the dumba–!

  11. Tam Says:

    …article states that the gun apparently fired after the officer removed his left hand from it…

    Guns don’t just fire all by themselves.

  12. Monty Says:

    “On Jan. 5, police were searching for Stamps’ stepson, Joseph Bushfan, when they served a warrant on Stamps’ home. Bushfan was arrested outside the home, allegedly carrying crack cocaine and money.

    Officers then hit the home”

    Why did they have any right to ‘hit the home’ on a warrant for someone they had just arrested?

  13. RWC Says:

    But, aren’t these the highly trained ‘only ones’ whom the gun grabbers say should be able to carry firearms.

    I’m confused???

    Also, why the flashbang when they already have the person under arrest…guess ya gotta play Super Elite SWAT somehow.

    Surprised it wasn’t also a botched no-knock raid on the wrong address.

  14. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Time to take the Toys away and go back to the Barney Fife School of Ammo Carrying for these Dumbasses.

  15. Robin Says:

    Like they used to say on SNL…

    Another drug related death.

  16. Cargosquid Says:

    Of course, Japete will be all over this as a reason to…. get even more restrictions on civilian ownership….because……..the police are here to protect….it’s all nonsense! Your facts don’t matter. I don’t have time to actually think things through…..

  17. Matt in AZ Says:

    I had an AD while dove hunting last year. I slipped and fell flat on my butt while going down into a sandy wash. I was carrying my Rem 870 Wingmaster at port arms. Left hand went back to catch myself, right hand clenched, trigger finger made its way onto the trigger and blam. I did one thing right by pointing the muzzle up and away from me and the dog. My gun’s saftey was off as prior to this I felt that keeping my finger out of the trigger gaurd was good enough, now I use the saftey. I felt bad about screwing up until I found out that when we humans fall down or get startled our natural reaction is to tense up in anticipation of the impact. That may be what happened here. Officer has weapon off safe, trips/falls, muzzle sweeps innocent man just as his hand clenched causing his finger to hit the trigger. Game Over. The fact that this SWAT officer is not being held criminally responsible shouldn’t surprise us at all, but it should make us very angry.

  18. RC Says:

    Ummm…good training can over ride or retrain reflexes. Heard a noise downstairs one night, got out my pistol and started downstairs to investigate. Slipped on one of the steps and bounced down the last 4 on my butt. Finger never left straight along the frame position. When will we force the government to demil the police? Apparently a lot of grandfathers will have to die.

  19. 1894C Says:

    Well of course this is not right.

    But didn’t I just hear someone say “being right is not more important than winning”

    The court says this officer won his case.

    Remember this the next time touts how futile it is to assert our rights, and instead focus on fights we can win. Wrong is wrong; regardless of who wins. Just as right is right regardless of whether we win or not.

    Some rights (and wrongs) transcend the wheels of justice.

  20. Crotalus Says:

    And the Bradys keep telling us that these Neanderthals are the only ones who can be trusted with firearms.

    Add this to David Codrea’s “Only Ones” file.

  21. LRM Says:

    My gun’s saftey was off as prior to this I felt that keeping my finger out of the trigger gaurd was good enough,

    Kinda the definition of dumbass right there.

  22. LRM Says:

    Looks like they shoot other cops too.
    “Police in New York are expected to release more information Sunday about the shooting death of a Nassau County officer that they are calling accidental.

    The officer was shot about 8 p.m. ET while responding to a call of a suspicious person walking with weapons in Long Island’s Massapequa Park, the Nassau County Police said.

    The department did not release any other details about the shooting, other than to say the officer was part of the special operations bureau, which carries out high-risk search warrant executions and anti-gang operations.”

  23. JClapp Says:

    There are NO such things as Accidental Discharges, only Negligent Discharges. Speaking from first hand experiences, I can say that regardless of whether the officer’s booger hook was on or off and tensed and “slipped” into the trigger guard, it was negligence that allowed this to happen. Had the safety been on and the proper index finger position been assumed – straight out along the lower receiver with the thumb also positioned to flip off said safety, this *might* not have occurred.

    There are those who have and those will experience this the easy way (without injury or death) and unfortunately as we see in this story, those who won’t.

    Job loss? No IMHO, but certainly training adjustments and lots more of it to develop muscle memory and eradicate training scars and bad habits of allowing one to think his or her “safety” is their trigger finger. Regardless of how cool is sounded in that scene from Black Hawk Down, it’s not and has no place in truly safe firearm handling procedures.

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