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Blame or learn

You know, whenever there’s a negligent discharge with, say, a Glock, people will yammer on about how it’s because the gun has no manual safety. Now, here’s a case where someone is saying a ND was caused in part by a manual safety. Man manipulating the safety with his off hand pointed the gun at himself and died.

Safety or no, the four rules work. Because to really ruin your day, you have to break two of them.

7 Responses to “Blame or learn”

  1. Paul Says:

    I think with the P-35 he was reaching over with his left thumb, around the backstrap and tang, almost forcing his wrist to bend inwards, to manipulate the safety. I really don’t think with a P-35 your index finger can take the safety off so the thumb has to do it (I do it all the time with 1911s.)

    And while he was using that thumb his finger was in the trigger! Sad way to go as it helped no one and he died for no reason.

  2. MrSatyre Says:

    I can’t even remember what make or model gun it was, but a friend was showing me his new laser attachment in his apartment back in ’98 or thereabouts. BANG! There went a .45 out the front door, the casing barely missing my eye. BANG! There went another as he lowered the barrel at the floor. I was incredibly lucky, and so was the guy who lived downstairs. Suffice to say I didn’t let him show me any more of his toys after that.

  3. Jon H Says:

    Breaking three rules at once is certain disaster. What a shame.

  4. BobG Says:

    “Now, here’s a case where someone is saying a ND was caused in part by a manual safety.”

    Safeties, don’t cause ND’s, neither do guns. Negligent people cause ND’s.

  5. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Why did they do off hand drills in a class that should be about establishing shooting and defense fundamentals? Especially without doing proper training first?

  6. The Duck Says:

    The Instructor thought he could teach them everything in a couple of hours,??

  7. LKP Says:

    This sounds like a really poor training job. Why are they training permit holders to shoot with their weakside hands? They’re not cops, they don’t need to learn this stuff at that early a stage. For the weapon to fire he had to have had his finger on the trigger. Hell, no one, not even cops, should be doing this kind of training until they demonstrate a high level of proficiency and confidence in handling their firearm.

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