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ATF and Guns In Mexico

Quite a bit going on regarding he Worst Scandal That You Havenít Heard About. Well, not you. You follow the gun issue. But a lot of folks have not.

The Washington Post resorts to stupidity and says that ATF has no choice due weak gun laws. And, I shit you not, blames “the gun lobby”. Idiot.

More on that here, plus screeching from the idiots at the SPLC.

NRA calls for expedited hearings into ATF allowing guns into Mexico.

Napolitano pleads ignorance.

Tam: In the Mexican government’s defense, at least their cops are on the take and not doing it as a matter of agency policy.

ATF and DOJ are in full on damage control mode. Don’t burn down a church or something this time.

2 Responses to “ATF and Guns In Mexico”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    How thoughtful of americas number one “pro” gun lobby to join the fight…

  2. Olav Says:

    ISYN – I Shit You Not

    A new acronym? oh I found it: