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Mexico legislators want to discuss ATF letting guns into their country

It’s getting deep:

Legislators from all of Mexico’s three major parties in congress are calling for a joint U.S.-Mexico working group to examine accusations that U.S. federal agents allowed hundreds of guns to flow into Mexico.

10 Responses to “Mexico legislators want to discuss ATF letting guns into their country”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    If the mexico .gov really had no idea this was going on, then this is a major international incident and there might be some charges brought by an international court

  2. John Smith. Says:

    International court… Riiight… I really hope you are talking about mexican courts and not the ICJ… The mexican courts are far less corrupt and not run by a bunch of hating, vindictive european socialists…

  3. Matt P Says:

    QUICK!!! Somebody find a mid level scape goat! The higher ups must be protected!

    In all seriousness, people need to go to jail for this (it being a crime and all) and the management needs to be decapitated (figurativly!).

    Because this is the most upstanding and transparent Administration to date, I have no worry that this abuse of power will not go unchecked.

    Pardon me while I weep for the Republic.

  4. Tam Says:

    Well, at least this distracts attention from Mexican cops that let drugs into the U.S.

  5. Miguel Says:

    How dare the ATF cut in the Mexican Government gun traffic with the Zetas? SHAME!

    Wait… wouldn’t that be covered under NAFTA?

  6. Veeshir Says:

    Why does this make me think of Blazing Saddles?
    “I didn’t get a harumph out of that guy”.

    They’ve been getting paid for it, they’re just looking for more.

  7. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Guess it’s easier to for the Mexicans to go after the Yankee Gringos who are aiding their Drug Gangs, rather that go after the Drug Gangs themselves. Of course, since the Batfeieio has not been shown to hang their opponents from Highway Bridges and make Soccer Balls from their faces, it must be an Election Year coming up down there. Not saying that the Batfeieio has clean hands, of course, but one has to wonder how many guns need to be passed through Customs “to gather evidence”, and how many are needed to fund one’s Private Retirement Plan? Or is there Proof that the Batfeieio Agents were NOT also on the payroll? Or is the Batfeieio the only National Police Force that is 100% free of corruption?

  8. Paul Says:

    Here is a suggestion!

    The ATF honchos can get together with the DEA and ICE bigwigs and using their slush fund BUILD A WALL along the border.

    This is a win-win-win! The ATF stops guns from going south, the DEA stops drugs from coming north, and ICE stops illegals from coming north!

    By using the slush funds Obama and the Dems don’t have to know. And a wall is a PROVEN TECHNIQUE! China built one centuries ago and it worked!

    Nothing fancy, just a 15 ft high 9 ft wide steel reinforced concrete wall!

    Just add some UAVs, tunnel microphones, and mobile reaction teams and they are good to go!

    A billion Chinese can’t all be wrong!

  9. John Smith. Says:

    Looks like the nra finally got off their collective butts and demanded an investigation.

  10. Joe from Texas Says:

    Didn’t Mexico’s President visit America and indicate that it was the US’s moral duty to provide amnesty to Mexican nationals who were in the US illegally?

    Whose up for a trade? The US legalizes the illegal immigrants … and Mexico legalizes the illegal guns?

    What could be wrong with THAT? … Since no one will go along with BOTH sides of that trade … we can finally shut up the debate about legalizing illegal immigration!

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