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No shortage of pro gunnies to step up and speak to the public. The anti-gun side resorts to taking out ads to find someone to push their view:

Do you believe that guns should be banned altogether?

OR do you fight to enforce sensible gun laws, regulations and public policies?

What do you feel about guns used for personal protection?
How about:
Firearms used to hunt? Or just for fun on the shooting range?

A major cable network is searching for outspoken individuals willing to put their views to the test on a documentary-style television show. We are most interested in people who want to speak up on how guns affect our society today. If this sounds like you and youre up for an exciting challenge, please contact us ASAP.

In the email, please include your contact details and a photo. Explain who you are and what your personal standpoint is on gun control.

Is this the counter to gun related programing like Sons of Guns and Tales of the Gun? And no bias there, at all.

In other news, Robb‘s joke about Anti-Gun Shows may have a new meaning.

Via reader Michael, who notes they’re looking for gun control campaigners all over.

16 Responses to “Grassroots”

  1. mike Says:

    FYI – the full link didn’t come through:

    Or just click this to get to the same url:

  2. John Smith. Says:

    Well you used to be able to get prostitutes on craigs list. Why not anti gunners…

  3. Phelps Says:

    Please please please let this be the producers for Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t!

  4. Michael Hawkins Says:

    Would they do a second episode? They essentially did so with the environment and food … and sex, the end of the world.

    Please let Phelps be right.

  5. DirtCrashr Says:

    Craigslist? Don’t they know someone can get killed using that?

  6. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Portland? Portland, Oregon, not Portland, Maine or Portland, Indiana, right?

    They have to put up a job for a gun control advocate in Portland, Oregon?

    That’s it, I’m done, Uncle’s right. We not winning; we have won.

  7. wizardpc Says:

    And Chicago, Philly, NYC, and SanFran.

    They’re not posting this in Dallas or Nashville or Des Moines.

  8. mikee Says:

    As an unemployed person, I would be willing to stand in as an anti-rights punching bag for the pro-rights crowd.

    It isn’t like thy use real arguments or logic or actual facts. All their blood-dance talking points, false arguments from absurd premises, illogical conclusions based on feeeeeeeeelings, and made-up or incomplete “facts” aren’t well known to me, or anyone else in the gun community.

    Anyone posting on this website could probably recite their top ten anti-rights rants, as well as better than they do. One of us might as well get paid for doing so.

  9. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    once we get them all identified, we hand them video cameras, tell them that it’s called Survivor, Anti-gun and it’ll be filmed Blair Witch style, drop them on a remote island somewhere, and just forget about them.

  10. North Says:

    I think I’ll put out an add for anti-protesters for an anti-protest march and see if I get more people…

  11. Chris Says:

    If you look at the craigslist postings they are only asking in the following:

    San Francisco
    New York
    Washington DC

    I wonder why they dont try that shit down here in the south?

  12. Rabbit Says:

    Maybe it’s the producers who did Crossballs on Comedy Central.

  13. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    “I wonder why they dont try that shit down here in the south?”

    Ummm, Washington D.C. is in the South. South of the Mason-Dixon line, not the Macon-Dixon line at least.

  14. Chris Says:

    DC is generally not considered part of the South… Specially by those of us that like a bit of tea in their sugar water.

  15. Kevin Baker Says:

    I think it’s fascinating that they’re willing to pay for “gun control campaigners.” Joyce Foundation decided to take a different tack? Hell, I’ve been an “anti-control campaigner” for the last fifteen plus years, and I only just now got my wheelbarrow full of cash.

  16. Geodkyt Says:

    Don’t know any Southerner who considers DC (or Maryland, or Delaware) “in the South”. Hell, my Texan father had trouble acknowledging VIRGINIA was “in the South”.

    I think JFK said it best:

    “Washington DC, Southern efficiency and Northern charm.”