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Mission Creepy

Having cured terrorism in the world, the Department of Homeland Security cracks down on Nissan Skyline owners.

9 Responses to “Mission Creepy”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    I would bet that someone who owns one or more of the legally imported ones is behind this push. This will make the value of non-contraband skylines sky rocket.

  2. 2yellowdogs Says:

    TSA: saving America from the dark specter of unpopular, unremarkable Japanese automobiles.

  3. ATLien Says:

    unpopular and unremarkable?

    way to be wrong.

  4. SPQR Says:

    And the administration and Democrats insist that cutting just a few billion dollars from the Federal budget will bring the Apocalypse …

    Fire ’em all.

  5. Standard Mischief Says:

    Thank the new owners of GM….

  6. Jeremy Nimmo Says:

    Seen a Skyline? In New Zealand, where they are a Ebola plague among the pox of Japanese imports, they are easily the ugliest cars ever produced by those champions of design. Better chasing those than over enthusiastic champions of freedom, I’m sure.

  7. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Nice to see our Marxist/warrior/hero/government agents beating the American people into submission on the car issue the same way they do on the gun issue. All your Skylines are belong to us! Still, the coupes look pretty cool. Maybe I can pick one up cheap at a government auction.”

  8. DirtySig Says:

    No auction, the government will have them crushed. I’ve only seen a couple of the older skylines around. I’m guessing there couldn’t be more than a few hundred in the US. Only a someone with a hardcore interest would spend the time and money to get one, much less deal with the hassle of driving a right hand drive car.

    This is a perfect example of leviathan. DHS was created to protect us from the boogey man and now they’re tracking down grey market cars that most people have never heard of.

    DHS – Protecting you from JDM car nerds.

  9. Bryan S. Says:

    Its not like the government has any interest in getting old dependable cars off the street, I mean, they don’t own a car company or anything….

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