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Shopping List

Things to buy, if you support libertarian ideals. I like the Koch brothers giving hippies fits. Plus, unlike hippies, the rest of us actually do buy stuff. From the looks of it, it seems your house is probably made from their products.

Also, unlike hippies, I’m into capitalism.

16 Responses to “Shopping List”

  1. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    CORDURA® fabric


    Mall Ninjas of the world Unite!

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Heh, I have some small construction projects coming up. I know who to buy from.

  3. Robb Allen Says:

    AWESOME! There are already a few things I buy on that list.

  4. DirtCrashr Says:

    I don’t even know what a “FireDefender Banded Cores” is or are but I want one just to piss-off the stupid hippie nitwits! Go Koch brothers!

  5. MrSatyre Says:

    The sad thing about the growing world population is that the percentage of idiots keeps growing as well.

    Liberals are always an endless source of entertainment and sorrow for me—that so many people could be so deluded and childish as the writer and commentators of that “article” on so many fundamentally and easily proven-wrong points. How do any of them even hold jobs or know which side of the road to drive on if they are so astoundingly oblivious of reality? They carp on and on about idealism and truth and patriotism, and yet they are incapable of seeing the reality of the dystopian world they’d all have us living in if they had their way. Have NONE of them read any history? Why is it so easy for them to dismiss facts as fiction? is it a chemical imbalance? Is it a genetic defect? What is it?!?

    Makes my head hurt, it does.

  6. mikee Says:

    The comments over there – they hurt my brain!

    Does boycotting the products of a company that is 80% union, Georgia Pacific, help or hurt their cause?

    No decision, mind you, let alone any rational discussion, just gobbets of mindless drivel cast onto the comments, to demonstrate their sincerity and strength of ffffeeeeeeeelings.

  7. ATLien Says:

    i have wonderful dreams of fighting a civil war against idiots like that.

  8. Wade Says:

    On the bright side, all the hatred of the Kochs reveals that the hippies are really more interested in supporting welfare for worthless bureaucrats than in promoting civil rights.

    These idiots are boycotting people who have given millions to support drug decriminalization and to oppose the Patriot Act.

    If we’re lucky some of them will be so consumed with hatred for evil capitalist drywall that they abandon their homes and freeze in the dark.

  9. Divemedic Says:

    If you espouse eliminating public education or any other unnecessary government service, that is a Libertarian ideal, and I support that.

    That isn’t what is happening here. The argument is not over Libertarian ideas- they argument is whether or not the government can tell a worker that he is not allowed to negotiate his working conditions, while that same government is using tax money to fund it all.

    This whole exercise is pure political posturing so that the Republicans can break the backs of the main source of funding for the Democratic party- the unions.

    At least be honest about it- this isn’t about taxes, it is about putting Republicans in charge. Any tax savings that are made by silencing the union employees will simply be spent elsewhere. I would hardly call that libertarian.

  10. HL Says:

    Unionism at the government level is collectivism. I would think that opposing that would be a very much a libertarian idea.

    Government Employees must not be allowed to collectively bargain because those who pay them, the taxpayers, have no choice but to pay taxes.

    If a private business does not want to work with unions, they can choose to go out of business, or move to an area where the workforce is more friendly. The Government cannot do that. Similarly, if a consumer does not want to support a union, they can choose not to buy from the company who employees that union. Again, taxpayers have to pay taxes.

    I thought that both libertarians and liberals were both Pro-Choice? This should be a no-brainer for both.

    Well, maybe not, liberals aren’t really pro-choice, they are just anti-responsibility.

  11. Bond in Michigan Says:

    I am a chemical engineer with oil refinery experience. I just applied to jobs in all three of Koch’s refineries: Texas, Alaska, and Minnesota. Also to a process technology (tower internals-Koch Glitsch) company in Houston. Does that make me a bad person?

  12. MrSatyre Says:

    @ Bond: Yes. Yes it does. Please hang your head in shame while you work at the place of your choice, and help make this country great again.


    Hope you get the job!

  13. divemedic Says:

    @ HL: Of course, you are completely ignoring the point that a true libertarian would believe that the government should not be into the education business in the first place.

    Saying that you want government to provide compulsory education by taxes and threatening force, and then demanding that the people who provide that education must accept whatever pay that same government offers without any chance of bargaining or negotiating is hardly libertarian.

  14. ctr Says:

    Who knew there were so many rules to being libertarian? heh.

  15. HL Says:

    @Divemedic…Uh, they don’t have to accept what the government pays. They can work elsewhere.

    The market will work with education just as it works with other job sectors. If school systems want the best teachers, they can pay more for them. If the unions would allow them to fire teachers who suck, then they would have more to pay the teachers who are great.

    Alternatively, the teachers could work for private institutions, or go into a different line of work altogether.

  16. HL Says:

    Also, I never said I was for government education, or that I was a libertarian for that matter.

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