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Forcing an increase in prohibited persons

Chuck Schumer’s gun bill:

Under the plan endorsed by Schumer and Bloomberg, states and federal authorities would be required to increase the percentage of denied gun permit applicants to the national gun database. The penalty for not reporting would be a loss of federal funding for crime prevention.

Just increase, reason or no, or lose funding? Seems like an arbitrary assault on rights to me. But the press parrots the lie that this proposal is “modest”. Even though the bill could be a move to ban all private transfers.

4 Responses to “Forcing an increase in prohibited persons”

  1. Jon Says:

    I often wonder how a city *mayor* thinks he should be pushing federal legislation. Just who the hell does he think he is? (I know what he *wants* to be…)


  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    How about a bill that would make it mandatory to increase the number of hours a Senator has to be in the Capitol Building actually doing the work my Taxes are paying he/she to do? Must be nice to get a weeks PAID Vacation every time there’s a Federal Holiday. Who does Chuckie think he is, a Wisconsin Union Thug? As for those New York Pols who think they have the right to tell the rest of the country what to do: F.O. Get this through your heads (because we know the DemiCommies monitor this site, so pass the word along): You make up 1/50th of ALL the states, so start acting like it, or Manhattan can be turned into Gitmo. Remember “Escape From New York”?

  3. Kristopher Says:

    Where in the Constitution is “Crime Prevention funding”?

    Mayhap these funds should be cut, regardless of outcome?

  4. Lyle Says:

    We should all know by now that anything short of outright communist revolution and the attendant total chaos is considered “modest” by the Old Media.