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Seen here. 50 cal that you can literally carry around:

Highly-efficient, special, multi-purpose weapon for land-, air-, territorial and independent armed forces. Its task is to destroy – with its shell, which delivers significantly (5-8 times) greater energy comparing with the ammunition of the conventionally used small arms – the enemy’s important pinpoint targets, armoured rifle troops, light shelters and buildings, radio- electronic constructions, missile launchers and hovering helicopters within a 600-800m shooting range.


22 Responses to “SERO GM6 Lynx”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Wow… Bet you don’t even have to shave after firing this thing…

  2. Storyteller Says:

    ARGH!!! I WANT one!!!

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    Is that recoiling barrel a JMB trademark?

  4. Bryan S. Says:

    How much…….?

  5. Jim W Says:

    It’s the long recoil system from the browning auto shotgun from about 100 years ago.

  6. Cargosquid Says:

    “AAAAAAA! Terrorists will use these to shoot down air planes!”

    from the Brady Bunch… in three…..two….

  7. divemedic Says:

    I want. WANT. WANT.

  8. Ted N(not the Nuge) Says:


  9. Robert Says:

    Weapon in search of a mission….and a budget. Cute though, and the mobility will be a big factor. Most troops find the .50 cal rifles too much dang trouble to carry around when your M24 will do most of what you need.

  10. Robert Says:

    Lotta powder burning in front of the barrel. Like most carbine designs.

  11. MrSatyre Says:

    I don’t know beans about this type of recoil system; can anyone tell me why the barrel is in the compressed position in the beauty shot, and in the full extended position in the video? Do you push the barrel in and lock it in place for transporting?

  12. DirtCrashr Says:

    What did they call the JMB designed Winchester Model 1911 rifle, where you had to pump the barrel to cock the action…? The Remington Model-8 semi-auto has the AK safety and reciprocating barrel too.

  13. Mu Says:

    MrS, my guess is that in the “beauty shot” the gun is in the cocked and ready to fire mode with the bolt manually retracted all the way. Probably set up that way to make sure it’s not considered as firing from an open bolt (which would make it a NFA license required weapon even as a semi auto).

  14. MrSatyre Says:

    @Mu: Thanks for the ‘splanation! Makes sense to me.

  15. rickn8or Says:


    I believe it was referred to as “The Widow Maker.”

  16. Jim Says:

    I’m not saying I liked it, but after watching that video, I had to roll over and light a cigarette.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  17. Kevin Baker Says:

    can anyone tell me why the barrel is in the compressed position in the beauty shot, and in the full extended position in the video?

    In the “beauty shot” the action is open. In the video, there’s a round in the chamber.

  18. bob r Says:

    “Lotta powder burning in front of the barrel. Like most carbine designs.”

    It has a 28.74 inch barrel; maybe that makes it a “carbine” for that caliber but that’s not exactly “short”. 36 inches long in “carrying” position and 44.3 inches in “firing” position.

  19. Linoge Says:

    Perhaps the first .50BMG rifle I have ever wanted, right there…

    Too bad we are not likely to ever see it.

  20. Justthisguy Says:

    What Robert said at comment # 10, obvious to anyone of the meanest understanding. I wanna know what velocity and energy that thing puts on the bullet. Oh, yeah, and felt recoil, too.

  21. Justthisguy Says:

    P.s. The Barretts are prettier, and look to be simpler and less clunky, and I just Lurve Mr. Barrett’s political attitude, he being not afraid of policemen.

  22. Linoge Says:

    Following links tends to be useful, Justthisguy… From the Sero webpage, that Unc’ kindly linked to:

    Muzzle energy: Russian caliber: ~14.5 Kj /
    .50 Browning: ~14.5 Kj
    Muzzle velocity: Russian caliber: ~ 780 m/s /
    .50 Browning: ~ 870 m/s

    Of course, if you were too lazy to follow the link, you might be too lazy to do the conversion…