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High capacity knives

Man with knife goes on killing spree in Brooklyn. We must ban those high capacity knives. They hold so much ammo, you never have to reload them.

7 Responses to “High capacity knives”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    Dont bring a knife to a…. Oh wait… its New York. 🙁

  2. JimB Says:

    This never happened…. Knives like that are banned in NYC… Oh yeah, no need for lawful CCW in NYC. This guy ran around for 24+ hours stabbing people and not one person around to stop him. I guess he never got near any of Bloomberg’s pratorian guard.

  3. trackerk Says:

    He had 6 of them. An arsenal. Why does anyone need six knives? I bet none of them were registered either.

  4. Gunmart Says:

    “Why does anyone need six knives?”

    To serve steak! ROFL! 😀

  5. comatus Says:

    “and not one person around to stop him.”

    Not quite. I saw an interview with the citizen, Joe Lozito, who did stop him. Cut up pretty good, but one cool calm and collected operator. Big guy, kinda quiet. “I knew I had to do something.” And, then, he did.

  6. Dan Says:

    Yeah, but this is different, because if he had a gun, then he could of killed more people. It is clear that we should ban all high-cap firearms, or at least them in conjunction with bayonets


    mumble, mumbler, you can’t own a magazine above 10 rounds unless you believe that you can own nuclear weapons also.

  7. Chas Says:

    They couldn’t reach for guns that Mayor Bloomberg will not let them have, so they were killed. It might have ended differently, but it didnt. Bloomberg saw to it – the way things turned out were the perfectly predictable consequences of his gun control policies.