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Marketing advice to open carriers

Don’t be a dick.

13 Responses to “Marketing advice to open carriers”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    1.) Be exceedingly polite – use words like “please,” thank you,” and “ma’am.”
    2.) Smile a lot.

    These 2 do not apply well for me.
    The others are common sense.
    When I am polite people start acting really strange like I am up to something….
    When I smile a lot try picturing the devil smiling at you and you get the drift….

  2. Jeff Says:

    I’m not from an open carry area, so I’m always at a loss when I read the open carry vs. The cops comments. Not the “cop walks into a store and robs it” threads, but the weird occasional comments about not having to obey private property laws and challenging cops to duels in the streets because you open carry…is there that much angst between open carry guys and the local leos, or is fan fiction written from the minds of internet freedom fighters? Its just surreal to me. I would think the winning of hearts and minds would trump chest thumping and drawing a line in the sand every time an opportunity is presented.

  3. Tirno Says:

    Wheaton’s Law is indeed applicable in this circumstance.

  4. Gerry Says:

    After reading some of the comments on Breda’s blog my opinon of the OC movement has dropped to near Brady Campaign levels.

  5. Bob H Says:

    From what I can find on the incidents my impression is that the LIBRARY is in the wrong.
    For example this from another article ” The library also has had to hire more security guards because the Lansing Police Department “stopped responding to CADL’s calls for assistance.””
    Apparently the Lansing Police believe there is no ilegality here. There have been no arrests, and even the (under 21, can’t purchase a handgun) person with the shotgun strapped to his back didn’t leave because the police requested it, but left after 90 minutes.

  6. Jeff from DC Says:

    Do people still even use libraries? I thought everyone just used Borders and Barnes & Noble.

  7. Gerry Says:


    The key take away is Don’t Be An Ahole.
    With a gun, without a gun, it does not help make your point what ever your point is.

    Ranting at pro gun folks like Breda like she suffers from hoplophobia is just plain assinine.

  8. RC Says:

    I think the larger point here is that it may be that Breda was suckered into turning on her own by poor reporting and her fellow library professionals misrepresenting the facts to fit their bias and bigotry. Pretty similar to the way hunters turn on the rest of us so their ox doesn’t get gored. Bit disappointing, really.

  9. Wolfwood Says:

    Of course, those of us who want to educate others and win hearts and minds are kind of selling out those who just want to exercise their rights, public opinion be damned. There’s no law against being a jerk, and pretty much everything in the Bill of Rights deals with ways that people are allowed to be jerks without the government getting all huffy about it. That doesn’t mean we can’t call them on it, but if we do then we’re kind of being hypocrites by coming down on Zumbo.

  10. LKP Says:

    I would think that don’t be a dick is good advice for everyone, not just OC advocates.

  11. Jill Says:

    I do love how the “gun advocates” continually disparage OC. It’s about time I stopped dropping by…

  12. Will Says:

    it’s not that some of us disparage OC, it’s the fact that some of the practitioners are of the exhibitionist type. That type of thinking just doesn’t work very well in this application. As others have stated, the goal is to normalize the public carriage of firearms in the public’s perception. And to accomplish this with a public that to some degree is uncomfortable with the sight of a handgun in the holster of a uniformed officer. Yes, there are some people that extreme.

    Essentially, what most of us are saying is don’t frighten the horses.

    Back when horses were the mode of transportation, there was a saying: “Don’t frighten the horses”. What this means is, don’t do anything in public that would scare a horse, as a frightened horse could cause a great deal of damage, especially as you seldom had just one horse within sight/hearing of you. Horses are not very bright, and easily spooked, and there used to be lots of them around.

    Nowadays, the term can be applied to the public in general, as far too many of them act just like horses.

    Unfortunately, an exhibitionist OC’er tends to have the effect of someone deliberately disturbing horses in public. That may not be what they intend to do, but too often that is the result. And most of us see that the actual result is counterproductive to the gun rights movement. I applaud the people who are willing to put up with the hassles that tend to occur when OC’ing in an area that has an anti-gun mentality. Done right, it can be a positive force in our struggle. On the other hand, done improperly, it can trigger a backlash that can really set us back.

    The problem is really the fact that any activity that is pushing the boundaries of generally accepted norms will attract some people who want public attention. And then there are those who are unable to see where a limit might exist, and therefore blindly wander over the line, inadvertently. Two small groups, both of them capable of doing harm, for different reasons.

  13. SPQR Says:

    Will, some of them do intend to frighten the horses, and that’s why I’m not amused by them either.

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