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Superbowl Commercial Blogging

Updates as I feel like it. And, honestly, how many times can you say the phrase ‘move the football’.

Cowboys and Aliens. Hell, yeah.

Hats off to BMW for pointing out the bailouts in their commercial. I wish more car companies would. I’ve had my eye on the M3.

That Coca Cola dragon commercial sucked and probably cost a lot.

Heh. Junior Darth Vader.

Good to see Roseanne Barr get work. And hit by a log.

Hmm. $3M a piece. A lot fewer commercials this year. Hope and change.

Another Chevy commercial that I paid for.

Carmax commercial was hysterical.

Commercials cost $3M. I wonder what they cost during half time?

Wait, Slash and Black Eyed Peas. Fuck yeah.

Justin Bieber and Ozzy. It can’t suck more.

Butt sex jokes in the commercials. Usually, they involve the game.

Making fun of Tibet = Win.

So far, disappointed.

Eminem sold out to Chrysler. Disappointing. And Chrysler can take my bailout money and shove it. It’s like I’m paying for everyone’s commercials.

Butt secks and kicked in the nuts at the superbowl? But religious commercials are a no go.

Just local, but the mall walker was funny. And also paid for with my money.

The packers are up. And I reported that without the NFL’s consent. Which is prohibited.

Email to NFL just now: I’d like express written consent to comment on my facebook page. Is that OK?

Camaro commercial that I paid for.

Packers win the first and last Superbowl!

39 Responses to “Superbowl Commercial Blogging”

  1. Heather Says:

    I liked the McDonalds one with the bears

  2. Mike M. Says:

    +1 on the McDonalds commercial. Funny!

  3. wfgodbold Says:

    Not SB45 related, but Stephen Hunter (yes, that one) has an opinion piece in the Washington Post (yes, that one) about why 33 rounds magazines are good.

    Did Christina Aguilera really skip a line in The Star-Spangled Banner?

  4. Heather Says:

    “Did Christina Aguilera really skip a line in The Star-Spangled Banner?”

    Don’t know, I couldn’t hear over my pained shrieks, which was entirely the point. That was god-awful!

  5. BlueWaters Says:

    BMW, Ford and Toyota all took bailout money as well, on the downlow.

  6. ViolentIndifference Says:

    Heather: That is exactly what was happening to me. Like electric shock.

  7. Fiftycal Says:

    Hard to tell what she said while “singing” the national anthew. Sounded more like yodeling to me.

  8. rickn8or Says:

    Roseanne Barr botched the national anthem at a Padres game and look what happened to her career.

    Just sayin’ Christina.

  9. SPQR Says:

    The NFL can’t prohibit reporting on the game no matter how much they want to try. The law does not permit them that.

  10. SPQR Says:

    Overall, I thought it was a better Superbowl game than a set of commercials.

    And that’s usually not true.

  11. bigcatdaddy11 Says:

    I loved the Volkswagon one with the little Darth Vader. His dad wowed him.

  12. Chris S. Says:

    Making fun of Tibet = Win

    Uh, as in “win” for the ruling Communist Party of the Peoples Republic of China?

    No thanks.

  13. g charles Says:

    The miraculous Doritos was the best of a mediocre bunch.

  14. ctr Says:

    I enjoyed the one with the email guy, who accidentally pressed “reply all.” So he goes around waylaying everyone and taking their phones / laptops / desktops. He develops some pretty ninja takeaway technique.

  15. Unix-Jedi Says:

    It’s too bad about Cowboys and Aliens that they had cast Harrison Ford.

    Han Solo wouldn’t go assisting a child rapist…
    (And Indiana Jones wouldn’t have a frickin’ earring.)

  16. md Says:

    the one where the driver swerves to avoid killing a beaver on the road, & the beav returns the favor by alerting him to a washed-out bridge? Funny.

    then they gave each other props?
    that was cool too i guess.
    No idea what the product was.

    No other commercials were really any good this year and halftime sucked again.

  17. ctr Says:

    Can anyone remember a good halftime show? It’s tradition to have a bad halftime show.

  18. Unix-Jedi Says:


    Bridgestone tires. That was a good one.

  19. Christopher_T. Says:

    The House promo was classic satire. And perfectly in character.

  20. D Palmer Says:

    I loved the House commercial. I couldn’t hear 90% of the half time show (not necessarily a bad thing) including Slash and one of the signature guitar riffs of the 80’s.

  21. BlueWaters Says:

    ctr Says: “Can anyone remember a good halftime show? Itís tradition to have a bad halftime show.”

    Prince Dude. Prince.

  22. Kristopher Says:

    Chris S.: Making fun of hippie feel good actions that accomplish nothing.

    No amount of Free Tibet bumperstickers will remove the Chinese from Tibet.

    Either go to war with them, or suck it up.

  23. dagamore Says:

    The new BMW M3, almost as fast as the new Ford Mustang Boss Laguna Seca, around Laguna Seca and only ~20K more! What more could you want?

  24. mark Says:

    The commercials were for the most part crass, toilet humor. They were not creative or imainative (except for the car that kept being stole). The worst year yet.

    Chris S. Making fun of Tibet = Win: I think that’s called “irony”.

  25. Locomotive Breath Says:

    I remember when the Super Bowl was a football game.

  26. MikeM_inMd Says:

    “Butt sex jokes” in a commercial? I must have missed that one.

    For humor, I say it’s a toss up between the magic Doritos and Dr. “Mean Joe Greene” House.

  27. wizardpc Says:

    There was a lot of subtle humor this year.

    Example: The 1984 ad showing Apple users as the drones.

  28. TennGoodBoy Says:

    “Making fun of Tibet = Win”
    Was it really making fun of Tibet?
    And if it was, why would making fun
    of Tibet be a win? I dont get it…

  29. annoyed Says:

    @ wizardpic; That would be the Mororola “XOOM” ad! Great shot at apple. The Bridgestone tire ad with the beaver was cool, too.

  30. Chris S. Says:

    Making fun of hippie feel good actions that accomplish nothing.
    You mean like: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”?

    No amount of Free Tibet bumperstickers will remove the Chinese from Tibet.
    But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Ma~o, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyho~w . . .♪

  31. wizardpc Says:

    I had no idea Reagan was a hippie.

  32. aczarnowski Says:

    Volkswagon had good ones with little vader and the beetle ad. Miraculous Doritos was fun and I really though the Motorola/Google dig against Apple’s classic 1984 ad was well done. The Bridgestone beaver ad was also a good one.

    Everything else was meh. Except for the game which was actually a game this year.

    And I’m too lazy too lookup the Fox/movie Studio connections to see how everything else was a spot for a movie or TV show. Oh I forgot all the Chevy and Crystler ads. Probably not what they were hoping for…

  33. GiovanniAPeters Says:

    I enjoyed the Audi commercial mocking the bluebloods…beautiful.

  34. cathyf Says:

    My favorite was the pickup truck “Timmy fell down the well” spot.

    (I didn’t know we HAD a volcano around here!)

  35. apotheosis Says:

    Congratulations to Groupon for making my permanent sh*t list. That takes effort, and you really gave it your all.

    VW commercials were both win, though I wish they’d used Ram Jam’s original cut of Black Betty. Bridgestone beaver was good.

    The Eminem Detroit commercial was hilarious. Go on, do tell me another one about how your city has been to hell “and back”, as if it’s on the way to recovery and things are really really getting better, it’s just the mean ol’ news says otherwise.

    No tears shed over eminem’s “sellout” though. Give him some credit for managing keeping his face in the media despite his absolute irrelevance. Now he’s a TWO-trick pony.

  36. anon Says:

    @ dagamore “What more could you want?”

    A 4 year warranty, 4 years/50k miles of included servicing costs and the knowledge that in 5 years or so when it’s paid for, the M3 will still be a very desirable BMW, whereas the Mustang will just be a used car…

  37. Jen Green Says:

    I think the commercials were pretty good overall. I agree about the Coke ad though. And I liked the Chrysler commercial with Eminem. It was good that there seemed to be fewer commercial breaks this year. Especially since the second half got pretty exciting.

  38. Redman Says:

    Since when does repeatedly kicking a man in the gonads qualify as humor? Probably ever since showing a baby smashed up against a glass wall qualified as humor.

    The ads, overall, stunk. There were a few good ones, but they would only have been average 10 years ago. Even the ETrade baby has grown too big for his diapers.

    There is something rotten, very rotten in the NFL.

  39. Jones Says:

    everything that wasn’t Fox Sports coverage of the actual game suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked

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