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OH NO! Airsoft are guns

King5 discovers the over a year old story of the ATF classifying an airsoft gun as a firearm. As I’ve said all along, if it can be done, let’s see it done.

3 Responses to “OH NO! Airsoft are guns”

  1. Bryan S. Says:

    “If the ATF was able to make this fire, I wouldn’t dispute that,” said Gaughran.

    I woul d dispute the hell out of it, ask for evidence, video, and a process of what they did to make the gun shoot real ammunition.

    Lets see if it was swap a few parts, or fire up the mill and carve out a new receiver.

  2. Matt H Says:

    Didn’t the NY State Supreme Court just rule that airsoft guns were NOT firearms?

  3. Tam Says:

    Apparently one or two specific brands were making Airsoft ARs with what were, in effect, plastic lowers.

    CavArms has already proved that a plastic lower works just fine if you pin an upper to it.

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