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ATF Shotgun Ruling

ATF has opened up the comment period on the proposed import ban of shotguns:

You can comment on the report by e-mail to or by fax to (202)648-9601. The deadline for comments is May 1, 2011.

Michael Bane has more on the study, including thoughts on ATF’s end game here. Looks like increased shotgun regulation, even conversion once imported like 922(r), is possible. And says Michael:

ATF has always been an agency in search of a mission. It’s just no fun to bust untaxed cigarette smugglers, and you’ll never get a fawning Katie Couric interview that way! The best way for ATF to “clarify” it’s mission is to figure out a way to make more law-abiding Americans into criminals.

Being a tobacco ninja isn’t as fun.

7 Responses to “ATF Shotgun Ruling”

  1. Bryan S. Says:

    In the Heller decision, was this not covered, that the people ought to have access tot he same weapons as the military? There was no mention of sporting in that piece.

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    comment period = we’ve made up our mind already

  3. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Didn’t ATF loose its juristiction on alcohol and tobacco in the latest move?

  4. mikee Says:

    I hear more and more about small volume distillers making specialty beverages for the upper end of the liquor trade. Gin, rum, vodka, tequila, and so on, seems to be taking over where microbrew beers left off.

    When will the ATF step in to stop the resurgence of demon rum across the land?

  5. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Ha! Ha! Comment all you please! It’s just a formality. You can use your First Amendment rights all you like, but we’re still going to screw you out of your Second Amendment rights! Ha! Ha! All your ATF is belong to us!”

  6. Bobby Says:

    “Didnít ATF loose its juristiction on alcohol and tobacco in the latest move?”

    So does that mean the BATF is just the BF now? Funny, cause BF also stands for what they have been doing to Americans since day #1.

  7. Capt Cook Says:

    If a home owner has a shotgun, any shotgun, then he has a “sporting chance” of surviving an encounter with a criminal!
    How’s that for using their words against them!!!

    On a side note: I say we let them Ban “Clips” that hold more than 10 rounds. And when they find out that what we are using are “Magazines”, well they will perhaps learn what the correct terminology is and their law will actually mean nothing!!!