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Stupid Party

GOP pushing gay marriage ban in DC. Because, you know, they’ve solved all the country’s problems.

13 Responses to “Stupid Party”

  1. Tam Says:

    They really like being the minority party. It’s a lot easier to sit and bitch than to actually do anything substantive.

    Whenever they accidentally find themselves in the majority, they rearrange deck chairs until people get fed up and decide to let the Democrats break stuff for a while again.

  2. Freiheit Says:

    Whats scary is that might gain traction. DC has a very large number of African American voters. Black voters have a history of voting against gay rights. This might actually gain traction.

  3. Papa Foxtrot Says:

    Ya’ know – I’m a registered Republican, Evangelical Christian, gun owning social conservative and I’ve gotta’ say that this is *WAY* down the list of my priorities right now. If we don’t find a way to solve the coming currency crisis/debt bomb, then not much else is gonna’ matter. I really have no desire to live in a third world country.

    Company firewall won’t let me get to the article, so I don’t know who’s pushing this. Hopefully it will die a quick and silent death. If not, it’s exploring new depths of stupid…

  4. Dan Says:

    I really doubt that not getting teh geh vote is going to sink republican chances in any election. It is possible there are people in the GOP that can focus on big stuff and little stuff at the same time.

  5. SPQR Says:

    Me, I don’t care. But how does this make them the minority party when such provisions have majority support? Look at Prop 8 vote in California.

  6. Tam Says:


    I really doubt that not getting teh geh vote…

    I’m streght, and focusing on retarded shit like this instead of real problems will lose them my vote too.

  7. Dan Says:

    Tam, so does that mean because of this one issue, you will be pulling for obama and the dems next cycle?

    Unless you are seriously considering pulling the level for Obama or a ballot full of democrats because of this, I call bull.

  8. Leatherwing Says:

    I won’t claim to answer for Tam, but I too am straight, happen to be a very conservative Christian, and this sort of thing will cost them my vote. Will I pull the lever for Obama and crowd? Of course not. But I will vote against the Theocracy types in the primaries and if they make the ballot, I’ll vote Libertarian or Constitution party.

    I don’t want to live in anyone’s theocracy, not even one promoted by my own church-mates.

  9. Zendo Deb Says:

    2 (or maybe 3) years ago I said that the Republicans had found a way to get me to vote for Hillary Clinton. All they had to do was nominate Huckabee.

    Instead they nominated an old fart who was out of touch with everyone and everything born after 1950. While I didn’t hate him so much, most of America did.

    So if they nominate Huckabee – or some like-minded neanderthal – in 2012, will I vote Democratic? Don’t know. But I won’t vote for someone who sees it as his mission in life to ensure I am classified as a second class citizen.

  10. Zendo Deb Says:

    It is funny how the Republicans want smaller government, that makes less effort to control how people live their lives, except for those times – like gay marriage – when they want to make sure government controls how people live their lives.

  11. Dan Says:


    Well, the only people that will not vote against Obama because of this issue those that put gay marriage high on their list of priorities, is what I am saying.

    But to get to that point, you pretty much have to think that Obamacare, the economy, and maybe even gun rights are second fiddle to gay marriage. Considering that gay marriage gets it in the rear everywhere the public votes on it, it is hard to think that the GOP not bending over to gays will sink the chances of victory in 2012. California and New York is not going to turn red, even if every single gay in those states vote GOP.

  12. dave Says:

    “It is funny how the Republicans want smaller government, that makes less effort to control how people live their lives, except for those times like gay marriage when they want to make sure government controls how people live their lives.”

    It’s funny how people make generalizations about political parties based on the idiocy of bureaucrats. Oh btw all Democrats support gun control and big government. C wut i did thar?

    Speaking as a Christian, “teh gays” are the least of my worries and I have no objections to them making lifelong vows of monogamy with their significant others. Now, where that puts them with $deity is between them and $deity, and banning gay marriage is about as logical as banning atheist marriage.

  13. Leatherwing Says:


    I have a real problem with people of faith that talk about freedom, but want to deny it to those that don’t follow the same faith. If your religion is so fragile that it requires government sanction for you to feel good, so be it. I don’t share your view on this matter.