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No gun control in SOTU but . . .

the overly excitable hack Matthews says that’s coming in a separate speech. Seems Obama is saving it for his smaller audience, to maybe shore up a base. It is rough to be “progressive” these days. Their guy has made minimal progress on their goals so maybe he’s throwing them a bone. Who knows.

Sebastian wonders if he’ll follow through. Sounds like a good way to lose more house seats to me. Meanwhile, others say he won’t touch it:

For a decade and a half now, conventional wisdom has held that for a Democratic president, gun control is a political loser. And unfortunately, that conventional wisdom is absolutely right. First of all, there’s no clear majority for tightening America’s gun control laws.

Which is funny given that came right after boner:

Barack Obama surely believes that America’s gun laws—which allowed Jared Loughner to buy the ammunition with which he shot 18 people in a matter of minutes—are insane. So do most people who’ve given the topic any thought.

Actually, once you’ve given it thought or researched it for a moment, you understand that gun control is what we do instead of something. Symbolic, low cost, and accomplishes nothing other than appearing to have done something.

6 Responses to “No gun control in SOTU but . . .”

  1. ViolentIndifference Says:

    Something needs to be done:

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    He’ll embrace gun control the second he’s lost the chance to be elected another term.

  3. Lumpy Says:

    The POTUS is sure wishing he could just vote “present” like he could in the past while in the Illinois State Legislature. (Rather than a Yea or Nay vote)

  4. sux2bme Says:

    Yet another gun control success:

    I bet he could have made good use of a “high capacity ammunition feeding device”, eh?

  5. Chas Says:

    “Barack Obama surely believes that America’s gun laws . . .”

    Surely he does! Surely! But just what he believes, no one really knows.

    Still, they never stop using him as a blank screen for their own aspirations, do they?

    Obama served up the anti-gun rights crowd a mud pie last night. At first they weren’t sure what to do with it, they looked kind of confused about it for a while, and eventually they realized that they couldn’t eat it, so they felt kind of disappointed, since they had been really hoping for some pie. How’d ya like that mud? 😉

  6. dustydog Says:

    He won’t touch it, because there is no money in gun control. If there were any angle where gun control involves handing out taxpayer money and getting it back under the table, that would be a cause for concern. But police and prison unions don’t have the juice anymore; they are facing cuts.