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The WaPo: Parroting Brady Campaign studies as facts. Per NSSF’s latest data, that’s a pretty small number. I have two years data and SWAGed the third year at a low 10M to get the percentage (see, I can do ‘studies’ too) and that’s underwhelming 0.19% for three years. And that’s not counting person to person transfers. And, given that many likely were due to lost paperwork and not lost guns, it’s an inconsequential number. And the bozos at the NYT wonder why the NRA uses its influence to prevent politically motivated studies.

Also, since it’s unlawful for the feds to maintain a registry, it’s really a moot point how many are lost.

3 Responses to “0.19%”

  1. divemedic Says:

    Not to mention that a quick Google search shows that cops lose firearms at a much higher rate:
    There are 584 guns lost by police in just those three stories.

  2. Bob H Says:

    I sent the author this email “It would have been appropriate to give some context to your figures, such as “There have been more than 40 million succesful NICS checks in that same period indicating that the number of missing guns is approximately 0.14% of sales.” Without this context the article is alarmist and misleading.”

    It will be interesting to see what response I receive. If any.

  3. TomcatsHanger Says:

    The hell? The ATF can’t force me to do an inventory? Can I see that in writing? They inspect my bound book, and I have to produce the firearms in my bound book.

    Maybe “inventory” is another of those shoulder things that goes up?

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