My favorite SHOT posts

Finally, the booth babes.

Derek has a lot of pics.

Rachel from AAC


4 Responses to “My favorite SHOT posts”

  1. Brick O'Lore says:

    Nutnfancy has a video with Miss Shana from the TAPCO booth.

  2. Mad Man says:

    I wants me one of them AAC rifles! Rachel is very nice, too, but I doubt the mrs. would accept me bringing her home as well as she would a new rifle. ;D

  3. Sigivald says:

    Can anyone beat Angela Barrett?

    (Though, as family and part of the company full time I suppose she isn’t a “booth babe”, properly.)

  4. M4finny says:

    Rachel does nothing for me man. Too many tats and those specs! Eeeeee ghad!