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McCarthy’s ban on the transfer and sale of standard capacity magazines.

27 Responses to “Introduced”

  1. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Just think of all the fun gun control bills we’ll see if Obama is re-elected…

  2. Phelps Says:

    Not a single Republican co-sponsor.

    Dead at committee, no cause for alarm.

  3. Hypnagogue Says:

    Among the magazines banned by this bill, it would seem that the following guns with attached magazines would also be banned:

    Winchester 1866 (>10 round magazine)
    Winchester 1873 (>10 round magazine)
    Winchester 1892 (>10 round magazine)

    and… given the availability of shorty 12 gauge shells:
    Remington 870 (readily converted to >10 round magazine)
    Mossberg 500 (readily converted to >10 round magazine)

    “Why you wascally wabbit!”

  4. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Got an SX3 and an extended mag for 11+1 with 2-3/4’s.

  5. Weer'd Beard Says:

    HR308…that’s as Ironic a name as HR1022

  6. Freiheit Says:

    +10 internets for Weer’d!

  7. Gunmart Says:

    Thank God that the new November Congress is in place

  8. Huck Says:

    Congress should have a penelty to any member who wastes time on bullshit bills like that one.

  9. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I dunno Huck, I kinda wish the committees were slogging away at this DOA bullshit rather than passing Obamacare.

  10. Robert Says:

    List of co-sponsers finds the usual suspects. CA,NY,NJ,MA,MD and IL are all there.

  11. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Hey let’s ask Dick Cheney what he thinks…

  12. **** Says:

    Cheney is now saying that he wouldn’t be against the ban. Time to drive him from the Republican party.

  13. Maxpwr Says:

    So when you want to sell your old Glock with 17 round magazines, you can’t sell the magazines with it? Dick Cheney FAIL.

  14. Jake Says:

    So when you want to sell your old Glock with 17 round magazines, you canít sell the magazines with it?

    Worse, under McCarthy’s sewage bill you can’t pass your 1892 Winchester on to your son when you die, because transfer of the integral tube magazine is completely banned. That nice antique rifle will have to be destroyed once you’re gone.

  15. ViolentIndifference Says:

    Dick certainly doesn’t need a high capacity magazine to shoot Texas lawyers…

  16. Ron W Says:


    Cheney is a CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) globalist who, in a YouTube clip, laughingly admits that he never told the voters back in Wyoming that he was a member and former Director. Those of the ruling elite ilk are mostly all on the side of citizen disarmament. Remember George W. Bush supported the AWB too…just as did “step-brother, Bill Clinton before him and Barry Soetoro, a.k.a., Barack Obama now.

  17. Chas Says:

    The question has come up about the usefulness of 33-round magazines. They are useful as a check against the power of the state. They serve that very important, and hopefully unnecessary, function. Their very presence among private citizens makes it less likely that they will need to be used.
    Should the American people ever need to rattle a saber in the presence of their government, they should have a saber, or a 33-round magazine, to rattle.

  18. SPQR Says:

    Who cares what Dick Cheney’s opinion is? He’s not going to run for office again, and is real likely not to see the end of the calendar year frankly.

  19. ATLien Says:

    you want uncivil rhetoric?

    How about “all sponsors of this bill should be swinging from streetlights”?

  20. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Good thing no one thinks Cheney is a gun expert.

  21. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    OK I’ve got a question:

    Will the new Kel-Tec shotgun be banned of will it be legal?

    It only has a 7 round magazine.. next to another 7 round magazine.

  22. John Smith. Says:

    That is a good idea chas. In lieu of a 33 rnd mag I would be more than willing to carry a sabre….

  23. Ron W Says:

    Does McCarthy’s mag and ammo ban apply to the government’s hired guns…you know, according to “the equal protection of the laws” in the 14th Amendment?

    If not, she and those supporting such a ban puts themselves in the with tyrants down through history who always deny arms to the people while keeping the same for themselves.

  24. ATLien Says:

    well since the Authoritahs are taking people’s guns, i change my statement to “the sponsors of this bill are great big meany poopyheads”

  25. DonkeyShow Says:

    if i read it right on the enforcement side your only in violation if you are caught with a high capacity mag without a serial number on it.
    Ď(ii) Clause (i) shall not apply to the possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device otherwise lawfully possessed within the United States on or before the date of the enactment of this subsection.

  26. Drake Says:

    I give profound thanks for the results of the November election right now.

  27. Chas Says:

    “Comrade, your dangerous, high capacity magazines are not in order.”
    “But, I bought them long before the ban!”
    “No, Comrade. Your high capacity magazines are not in order. They appear to be dangerous, illegal magazines. You are under arrest, Comrade. Please come along quietly, or we shall have to become unpleasant with you.”