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Larry Pratt interview.

5 Responses to “Prattling”

  1. Ron W Says:

    I dropped my NRA membership because they did not always fully support the 2nd Amendment OR other parts of the Bill of Rights (1st Amendment) like fairly recently when they threw joined some left-wing groups and threw others under the bus re: Campaign Disclosure.

    As a current and long-time member of GOA,I’ve been generally satisfied, but not in agreement with them on every point.

    So far the best organization for me is Tenessee Firearms Association which supports ALL the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment AND Article I, Section 26 of our State Constitution DECLARING OUR RIGHT to keep AND CARRY arms for self-defense.

    So, any suggestions for a PURE pro-gun national organization?? Otherwise we got enough enemies than to find them among various pro-gun organizations.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Second Amendment Foundation. Not only are they pretty hard-line but they have real victories.

  3. Geodkyt Says:

    I thought that SAF was primarily legal front with an educational secondary mission, not so much a legislative lobby one.

    What SAF does is GREAT, but sometimes you need effective lobbyists to try to keep bad laws off the books in tthe first place.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    SAF is primarily a legal and educational organization, that is correct. They have to be because of their tax status.

  5. William Lafferty Says:

    Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC) is probably the most active pro-Second Amendment organization in Pennsylvania. Very hard-working leadership.

    Bill Lafferty

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