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Calls for gun control

Well, we knew it would happen. Never let a crisis go to waste and all. And the trick for them is to move quickly before anyone has time to think about what a dumb idea it is.

A magazine ban is useless because, as Joe shows, folks can change them pretty darn quick:

Calls for a new assault weapons ban and a ban on regular capacity magazines. National Review points out that the AWB wouldn’t have stopped this, which anyone with half a brain would know. And what’s up with NR? That’s at least 3 pro gun pieces in recent memory and they usually ignore gun owners unless there’s an election on.

Press calls for more gun control.

Boehner says no to more gun control. Good.

9 Responses to “Calls for gun control”

  1. Steve in TN Says:

    You can reload a revolver pretty durn quick, too.

  2. Rivrdog Says:

    I seem to recall a video by Jerry Miculek in which he fired a handgun, what, 1,000 times? In that video, his magazine changes weren’t up to his usual competition speed, but they averaged barely a second.

    I’ve also seen an Eff Bee Eye demonstration FILM (must be 40 years old) of an agent firing his .357 snubbie 18 times in under 10 seconds. For TOTAL newbies, that means reloading twice with speedloaders).

    I’ve seen demonstrations of revolver shooting where the reloaded revolver is emptied downrange at about the same time as the dropped speedloader hits the ground from five feet up in the air.

    I own several of those “killer” 29-round .40 magazines. They provide the firepower in one of my Kel-Tec Sub-2000 carbines. I wouldn’t use them in my Glock 22, because if I needed to attack 20 or more folks, I would be retreating to get my carbine, not making my Glock so unwieldy as to be difficult to shoot by putting a long, heavy magazine into it.

  3. Chas Says:

    I would be much happier if Congress passed a law that would make it illegal for Rep. Peter King to get within 1000 feet of a gun owner.
    If he has that much hatred towards us, then it should be him who is required to stay away from us, and not vice versa!

  4. hellferbreakfast Says:

    As for myself, these idiots can pass anything they like, including gas. Not likely to change my ways. III

  5. Ron W Says:

    “Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) announced plans Tuesday to introduce legislation prohibiting people from carrying guns within 1,000 feet of members of Congress.”

    Why, of course! Such a law would have made the pyschopathic, murdering perp stop in his tracks on his way to assassination and other colateral killings.

  6. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Wholly carp. 1000 feet from a school is one thing. You know where those are, but those congress critters move around on you. How you supposed to know when you’re within 1000 feet? Hellz, you don’t even have to move yourself; one of them could sneak up on you, then if you’re carrying, you’re boned. Need some congressman radar.

  7. JKB Says:

    Need staffers at 500 and 1000 ft right, left, front back calling out “UNCLEAN” as the official moved to warn lawful gun owners.

    On the upside, we might get a SCOTUS decision banning them from 1000 ft of any dwelling since we have the right to arms in our homes.

  8. dave Says:

    I wonder what effect seeing Travis Tomasie, JJ Ricaza, or Phil Strader reload would have on the average person.

  9. Matt Groom Says:

    Cho Seung-Hui used low-cap magazines in his Glock 19. I did the math (when it was still fresh) between the number of shots reportedly fired, the number of rounds recovered, the fact that he only fired one of two pistols he had, and the number of magazines recovered, and guess what? The average was 10. OHHH!