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in Jersey

A man not knowing that NJ thinks you’re too stupid to pump your own gas, pumps his own gas. Cops move in to arrest him for that. Really. Ask if he has weapons. He says he does. He’s arrested. He’s lost his appeal. Case could be interesting to watch.

31 Responses to “in Jersey”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    Chalk another one up for “Never ask a cop what the law is.”

  2. Cemetery's Gun Blob Says:

    I don’t know….

    ….everybody and everything knows how bad NJ is.

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    Before Antrum went to trial, Superior Court Judge Stephen Rubin ruled that the evidence of the out-of-state permits could not be entered as evidence into the trial because it was not a valid defense.

    Can’t be mis-programming the meatbots in the jury with the truth, don’t you know.

  4. TomcatsHanger Says:

    The appellate court rejected Antrum’s argument. “A law-abiding and prudent person would not conclude that he was free to drive across this state with an unlicensed handgun because he did not plan to leave his car,” the appellate court wrote.

    Wow, and here I thought judges would know about the Peaceable Journey Law law!

    That quote right there is very damning, and they should have been smart enough not to say it.

    Unless they are pushing for an overthrow of New Jersey’s BS gun laws?

  5. DirtCrashr Says:

    Why do they do that, and in Oregon too – the ridiculous gas-pump thing?

  6. Cargosquid Says:

    Whatever happened to worrying about, you know, ACTUAL criminals that are ACTUALLY dangerous to the public….oh, yeah, this type is easier to arrest and convict. He’s such a danger to the public.

    And the guy was a moron for not doing HIS due diligence.

  7. Beaumont Says:

    Perhaps NJ should require that every gas station employ a dwarf to come out and scream “VERBOTEN!” when a citizen attempts to pump his own gas.

  8. Paul Says:

    The news article said he tried to pump gas at a ‘closed’ filling station. Now was it closed as in CLOSED or what?

    And I knew along time ago not to even go to New Jersey for anything. Sadly my wife as a sister there but you can’t pick your relatives.

  9. Bobby Says:

    I suggest we petition all surrounding states to wall it in, escape from NY style. Who is with me?

  10. John Smith. Says:

    Most closed filling stations leave their pumps on along with the card readers… I have never stopped in jersey long enough to fuel my car. I did fuel a semi their but they did not have pump attendees well that or I ran him over and did not notice….

  11. **** Says:

    Lets bug Chris Christie and get his sentence commuted!

  12. Sebastian Says:

    The federal law would only protect him for a locked and unloaded gun… not a loaded gun. There’s no exception in New Jersey that lets you have a loaded gun without a permit, and they don’t really issue permits.

  13. John Smith. Says:

    I have a feeling this will get tossed in federal court because nj gives no recourse to easily obtains such a permit….

  14. DirtCrashr Says:

    I still don’t get the stupid pumping-gas thing, as if it could even be a misdemeanor – its more like a parking ticket at best. Tear it up and throw it away and never go to New Jersey again.

  15. Laughingdog Says:

    “Wow, and here I thought judges would know about the Peaceable Journey Law law!”

    That doesn’t really apply when you have the gun on you in a holster.

  16. Kristopher Says:

    The gas pump thing is a relic law.

    It hangs on in Oregon and NJ because gas station owners do not want to compete with convenience stores.

  17. Sigivald Says:

    Dirt: To make make-work jobs.

    Here in Oregon, however, you can’t be arrested for pumping your own gas (and it’s a little known fact that it’s legal to pump your own diesel).

    If you do pump your own, the gas station gets fined if you get caught (according to what they’ve said and a plausible though uncertain reading of the statute), so they enforce it, but it’s not criminal – they get a Fire Marshal’s fine.

    (See ORS 480.310ff.

    Evidently it’s “dangerous” for us common schlubs to pump our own gas. Unless we drive a motorcycle, in which case somehow it’s magically safe and okay.)

  18. Countertop Says:

    Gas is cheaper in Jersey than anywhere else. Nix gladly take that dumb law if it saved me 10 cents a gallon like it does in Jersey.

    And, the article says he was carrying it lOaded in a holster on his hip.

    I’m sorry, as bad as jersey is, it’s ludicrous for him to think he can CARRY a gun in jersey on his hip.

  19. Mike Says:

    He may have made an honest mistake, but he clearly broke the law. He’d be in just as much trouble if he had done this in New York state – out of state permits are not recognized here, either.

    Not sure what the basis for the appeal would be.

  20. **** Says:

    First mistake – Going to NJ.
    Second Mistake – Talking to cops.

  21. **** Says:

    His appeal may be on the bases of his right to keep and bear arms, the full faith and credit clause, and also the P or I clause.

  22. **** Says:

    Actually, he has a chance wrt the full faith and credit clause.

  23. Bryan S. Says:

    Shame on him or anyone doing any business in NJ, shame on him assuming he has a right to keep and bear arms, shame on the jury for not knowing how to nullify the case.

  24. SPQR Says:

    No, the Full Faith and Credit clause has no applicability here at all.

  25. Justthisguy Says:

    My mother, bless her dear dead heart, told me that I should never, ever, talk to policemen. She knew of what she spoke, having grown up in Mississippi in the thirties.

  26. Standard Mischief Says:

    The news article said he tried to pump gas at a ‘closed’ filling station. Now was it closed as in CLOSED or what?

    I’ll guess that it was closed, except with the entire station lit up such that you could not tell. The only way would be to actually try the door, because places like that rarely have a giant neon sign that says “CLOSED”.

    The store hours were probably in 12 point type, taped to the window such that you couldn’t possibly read it from the warmth of your cold car.

    Thinking he could carry in fucking jersey? WTF?

  27. Ian Argent Says:

    The gas thing was sold as a jobs program (really) when it last came up in politics, and is apparently insanely popular for some silly reason. I hate it.

  28. denbo Says:

    I was visiting NJ a couple years ago and, being from a normal place, I never suspected that it was illegal to pump my own gas. So, naturally, I drove right up to a pump and started pumping. I couldn’t figure out why a dusky, turban wearing fella kept hovering around me, giving me strange looks. I went to condition orange with my hand on my blade just in case, but he never made a move to stop me or get too close to me. Didn’t even say one word to me. Wasn’t until someone ‘splained the situation to me that I realized what that was all about. Guess I’m glad there wasn’t a copper nearby.

  29. A Bad Egg Says:

    New Jersey: armpit of America.

  30. Ted N(not the Nuge) Says:

    Reason #846573 that I never want to travel to the Northeast, with the possible exception of New Hampshire and Maine.

    And honestly, who wouldn’t want to be armed in NJ in the middle of the night?

  31. Paul Says:

    Oh Ted, Vermont is ok. You can even pack heat there without a license. It was a very friendly place when I visted it years ago.

    But yes, I drove strait through NY, Mass., RJ,and I stayed away from NJ when I went to Ayoobs school in New Hampshire! I didn’t spend a dime in any of those states as I filled up my tank in Virgina and drove strait to Vermont.

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