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Dirty Pool

Utah university tried to ban open carry but preemption laws work and they lost their case. So, they have a policy which says guns disrupt class and disrupting class is illegal. A couple of security officers were suspended for disclosing this policy. More discussion here:

The University of Utah has created a secret policy whereby its police officers are instructed in how to harass and intimidate law abiding gun owners by trumping up non-gun charges for perfectly lawful conduct. This policy violates both the letter and spirit of State Law and binding State Supreme Court ruling. Keeping such a policy secret violates sound notions of openness and transparency in government.

17 Responses to “Dirty Pool”

  1. Freiheit Says:

    Double Secret Probation!

  2. Robert Says:

    Arrest UT college president and head of police force. Charge them with RICO violations.

  3. Captain Holly Says:

    Not surprised at all. The U is crawling with libtards who hate the idea of having to live in a state where conservatives run things.

    I’m sure Tennessee residents can sympathize.

  4. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Someone needs to teach the President of UU that colleges don’t have sovereign immunity.

  5. mike w. Says:

    The only way this kind of BS stops is when those in their ivory towers face real consequences for their actions.

    This guy exposed a secret university policy telling officers to illegally arrest anyone they saw open carrying. Kudos to him for that!

  6. 2yellowdogs Says:

    I wish I were a student there. The solution is simple. 1) Open carry on campus.
    2) Fall under the provisions of the “secret” policy, whereby they trump up a charge that’s actually based on the fact that the student is carrying.
    3) Sue the board of regents, the chancellor, and the head of campus security for many millions of dollars.
    4) After a protracted legal process, settle for something in the low to mid six figures, plus attorney and court costs and a written apology from the university.

  7. wizardpc Says:

    5) During the protracted legal process, get a job at McDonalds because you a) won’t be finishing that college degree you’ve been working hard for b) have student loans you’ll need to start repaying and c) need to have a flexible work schedule to attend the hearings, depositions, etc. you’ll be required to go to for the next several years.

    This is why they win.

  8. Kristopher Says:

    wizardpc: Nothing stopping a person of means from auditing a course there while doing OC.

    Yea, teener and twenty something students are easily cowed.

    Adults ain’t.

  9. **** Says:

    This sounds like room for another lawsuit this time against the officers of the uni not just the uni itself.

  10. John Smith. Says:

    Honest police officers… Will wonders never cease….

  11. Flighterdoc Says:

    And time to sever immunity from these weasels….let them pay their defense costs and civil penalties out of their own pockets, not the Utah taxpayers.

  12. MJM Says:

    Agreed re conspiracy to deny someone civil rights = RICO violations. I bet this is another case of the administration not running this by the university’s general counsel first. Utah legislature? Are you going to demand somebody’s head over this?

  13. Chris Says:

    18 USC 242 is a good one to prosecute this one under.

  14. Robert Says:

    It’s never a crime when you deny middle class Americans their civil rights.

  15. Tango Says:

    They’re trying to say that exercising the 2A in accordance with state law is a violation of policy that interferes with a classroom environment and creates a danger.

    wizardpc is right. Nobody can fight it because they’ll be hurt so badly financially that they won’t even try. Test cases are hard to come by, even here in Utah.

    I just hope (haven’t looked) that Utah has some kind of wistleblower laws in place for state employees. I doubt it, but I’d rather not see this guy get hosed.

  16. Robert Says:

    The only threat to the Bill of Rights and American liberty is the Taliban, Al-Queda, drug cartels and University Police and Administration.

  17. Don Gwinn Says:

    I wouldn’t be too sure. Lots of lawyers and law-school grads are driving taxis and making coffee this year. It’s not impossible that at least one of them in Utah will get hold of this.