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Deal Alert

Shopping for new M&P mags, I was surprised they were expensive. About $35. Thanks to Mike V., I learned that BotachTactical has them for $19. Plus, if you use offer code “stimulus”, they’ll knock 10% off. Heh.

15 Responses to “Deal Alert”

  1. ZK Says:

    I’ve heard several complains that they take their time, and get around to shipping these magazines approximately when hell freezes over. This may have been a one time thing, but your millage may vary.

  2. Ben Says:

    I have had the same experence with them as well. I ordered three becuase at this price they are unbeatable. If it take two months it takes two month I guess.

  3. Joe Says:

    The only wait I’ve ever had from them is if something is back ordered and then it can be awhile. Aside from that, they’ve always had my orders out the door in a day or two.

  4. Phillip Says:

    A few weeks ago, I picked up an M&P 9mm Pro and was looking to get several magazines. I glanced at BotachTactical but had also heard bad things about the shipping time. I opted to go with . The price was $25 each and they arrived promptly.

  5. mike w. Says:

    Can’t go wrong with Greg Cote. I’ve ordered from him many, many times. Fast, flat rate shipping.

  6. Kujo21 Says:

    Wife bought me a M&P 40 mag from them 2 wks before Christmas and I opened it up on Christmas day. They are selling the older mags. I think Caleb had a post on the difference. Dropping the older ones on a hard surface caused major crack in base. Don’t know if this was repeated drops but just FYI.

  7. aczarnowski Says:

    @Kujo21, I think you mean the newer mags. The older ones use a single round hole almost centered in the base plate. All of mine are like this thankfully. Caleb was picturing new manufacture mags with a square base plate “hole” that cracks out because it’s a stupid design flaw.

  8. Mike Says:


    Don’t do it!

    I can vouch that BotachTactical has awful customer service and non-existent ordering quality control. I ordered a holster from them a couple of years back, which I was told would arrive in a week. I got involved with other stuff, so I forgot about the order — three weeks later, nothing. I called them up, took me several calls to get anyone on the line. When I finally did, the woman on the phone was rude and huffy about the whole thing. She checked her records, and she couldn’t find that I had ever ordered anything with them! I understand that orders can be misplaced or lost (no one is perfect), but along with the large number of stories of Botach problems, it suggests a more systemic issue with this company.

    More to the point: LA Weekly magazine did a story last year about the Botach clan landing a juicy government contract to supply ammunition to U.S. and Afghan forces — Botach allegedly delivered crates of rusting, faulty, crappy ammunition (i.e., the allegation is “defrauding the government”).

    Caveat emptor…

  9. Less Says:

    I ordered 20 M&P mags for myself and a few others.

    We got latest generation followers, S&W wrapped papper, bulk mags as we expected.

    I’ve been using Botach for 6 years now – Lowa boots, 5.11 clearance stuff, etc. I’ve had a few bad experiences, but at the price, they can’t be beat – that said, I usually have the luxury of waiting a bit.

  10. Ross Says:

    I wish mags for my HK45 were $35. Nope, they’re $65, even straight from HK.

  11. Dave Says:

    I would avoid Botach. I’ve had very negative experiences with them also. VERY slow shipping and VERY non-existent customer service. Just try to call them ANY time of the day. It doesn’t matter if its regular business hours or not, no one will answer. So, you can email them and you MAY get a response 2-4 weeks later. Yeah, they are cheap. I’d rather pay a little more and A. know that someone is actually processing my order and B. be able to find out what’s going on when it doesn’t show up for 1-3 months.

  12. Mike V Says:

    Every time I’ve had an item end up backordered or out of stock, they’ve called me. Their price on CR123 batteries is good also. I’ve been ordering from them for over 10 years. I’ve always been pleased with them.

  13. Jeff from DC Says:

    Botach is terrible. Everything you order is a pre order on a mass shipment. I wish you no ill will, but I’ve placed three orders with them over the past 5 years, and ended up cancelling all three. On the plus side, they are good about cancelling orders.

  14. Jim Brack Says:

    In the last 18 months, I have ordered 2 aimpoints, 1 Eotech, mounts, slings and various other items which included a dozen pair of socks. Most items were received in under 7 days from day of order. The longest was 3 weeks for the socks! Their prices are really hard to beat. And at the time, I saved hundreds on the 3 red dots. YMMV

  15. K-dAUG Says:

    In November I put an order in for gloves and molle gear. I was billed for everything and only the molle gear shipped. I’m still waiting for my gloves, and since Botach has my money they don’t seem willing to return my email or voicemail on the status (I’ve given up trying to get an actual person).