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Rules 1 & 2

Graphic pics of a guy who shot himself in the hand with his XD while disassembling the gun. Remember, taking out a magazine does not mean it’s unloaded.

15 Responses to “Rules 1 & 2”

  1. Les Jones Says:

    Missing all of the bones was that guy’s Christmas miracle.

  2. Ron W Says:

    Yes Les!

    I have worked for 36 years now with orthopedic docs in both trauma and hand and if he missed the bone (metacarpals) he did have a Christmas miracle. That flesh (soft tissue) wound should heal nicely. I recall a horrific injury (open, comminuted fracture of tibia and fibula) on a patient several years ago who accidently shot himself in the lower leg with a .44 mag revolver.

  3. Jake Says:

    I just have a hard time understanding why anyone would have their hand (or any other body part) in front of the muzzle when they pull the trigger, regardless of whether they’ve verified it’s unloaded or not.

  4. 2yellowdogs Says:

    Blech. Agree with Jake. I’m pretty sure he’ll never do that again, though. All in all, he got off pretty lightly.

  5. John Smith. Says:

    He committed Stupicide….

  6. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Some people have to learn the hard way. Paranoia can be your friend. I cant imagine missing all the bones in the hand with anything as big as a 9mm projectile, nevermind a .45. They’s a lotta bones in theya. Miracle indeed.

  7. Weer'd Beard Says:

    +1 Jake. I think it was just a case of not thinking. I’ve heard some of the glock guys say they turn the take-down latch and pull the trigger in one motion, which will put your hand in harms way.

    Can’t speak for the XD because they’re too dangerous for us Massholes. ; )

  8. mikee Says:

    As a glockish sort of guy, I use a thumb and finger on the take-down without putting my hand in front of the barrel. It can be done.

    Then again, the closest I have yet come (touch wood) to a negligent discharge was when firing a revolver single action; I was just squeezing the trigger when a very large wasp decided to sting my forearm. So it isn’t just semiautos that are problematic.

  9. ASM826 Says:

    After triple checking the chamber, I still do not have any part of my body in front of the muzzle when I pull back the bang switch. This post is a reminder why.

  10. KCSteve Says:


    One of the reasons I have an XD, rather than a GLOCK is that you have to lock the slide fully back before you pull the trigger to release the mechanism. It’s on the GLOCK that you have to pull the slide back just a touch and pull the trigger.

  11. pax Says:

    What Jake said. Everyone tends to blame the loaded/unloaded status of the gun (“Always check it!”) and skip right over the REAL issue: where was that gun pointed when you deliberately pulled the trigger?

  12. pax Says:

    Itís on the GLOCK that you have to pull the slide back just a touch and pull the trigger.

    Wha–? NO! No, no, no.

    To disassemble the Glock, unload it: remove the magazine, rack the slide. Lock the slide open and LOOK at the empty chamber. Look through the ejection port down the magazine well to be certain you see light through the well. Then take your finger and touch the empty chamber — is the hole you saw really there? — and poke the empty magazine well.

    Now close the slide and do the *entire* procedure again: hit the magazine release, lock the slide open, look and feel the empty spots.

    Now close the slide and disassemble the firearm: point the gun in a SAFE direction (one that would definitely stop a bullet with only minor & acceptable property damage). Pull the trigger with the gun pointed in a safe direction.

    AFTER the trigger has been pulled, and without putting your hand over the muzzle, pull the slide back 1/2 an inch and engage the takedown lever at the same time. (See the process in pictures at to see how to do it without pointing it at your ownself.)


  13. Andrew Says:

    Geez, I drop the clip and then rack the slide three or four times, and then still do not trust that it is unloaded. So I lock the slide back and look. Then release the slide and I still don’t trust it. I go outside if the trigger has to be pulled and point it in a safe direction. Then I disassemble it.

    People make mistakes. Sometimes they hurt, and sometimes they kill. He got lucky.

  14. Patrick Says:

    I think he had his hand in front of the gun when he went to rack the slide back (which is completely wrong as he found out). Never put body parts in front of the barrel. Also, with my .40 XD, I put my hand on the top of the slide in front of the port, slide it back and then forward (I’ve already done all my examinations), then move the slide forward and pull the trigger.

  15. Patrick Says:

    I take it back… I’ve done this over a 100 times and I forgot… you have to pull the slide back to pull up the disassembly lever. The only way he could have done this is to simply pull the trigger before disassembly.

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