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California bans Easy Bake Ovens

Well, OK, actually they banned 100 watt bulbs. Which power Easy Bake Ovens. Speaking of, last night me and Junior used her new Easy Bake Oven to make some cookies. They were as good anything I’ve ever cooked with a light bulb.

If you’re a parent and you don’t have a supply of 100w incandescent bulbs, you’ll need one for the oven. It doesn’t come with one. And congress banned their sale. Fortunately, we managed to store up some pre-ban light bulbs.

15 Responses to “California bans Easy Bake Ovens”

  1. Newman Says:

    Good idea on stocking up on pre-ban light bulbs. Seems like the stuff they are banning these days is just as silly as the banning too much air usage. Oh wait a minute… I’m stocking up on sporks before they ban those. Yep I’ll be sitting pretty soon with enough sporks to last clear through the zombie apocalypse. If you walk in to KFC you can take just about enough for a month each visit. Just don’t let the manager see you.

  2. Paul B Says:

    And as we all know, pre ban carries a premium post ban. Gotta love government. making a mountian out of a valley.

  3. geekWithA.45 Says:

    Just as Ronnie Barret came up with the .416 for people in nanny oppressed States, perhaps GE should roll (or relabel) the 95W bulb.

  4. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Aren’t these banned nationwide starting 2012?

  5. Rob K Says:

    Sadly, geek, that’s not possible. The law banning those bulbs specifically targets that sort of rebranding and repurposing. They specify maximum wattages per lumens output. The DOE is also required to track sales of specialty bulbs, like rough-service bulbs, and will effectively ban those if people try to circumvent the ban by buying those.

    See for the very ugly details.

    The government damned well means to make you shiver in the dark and like it, or else.

  6. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Been stocking up. I’ll be fine, even if you aren’t. I could power an easy bake oven basically forever 🙂

  7. Bryan S. Says:

    geek – Why would GE do that? they were behind this bill, it made them able to shut down US plants and sell cheaper (for them) Chinese made bulbs.

  8. Kristopher Says:

    They still sell incandescent bulbs in the EU.

    The importers call them 100 watt incandescent heating devices. The bright white light is just a byproduct of effective home heating.

    Oh, and you can still buy them from for a few dollars.

  9. workinwifdakids Says:

    I cannot believe we’re actually sitting here talking about how to buy black-market light bulbs.
    There is something horribly wrong with this country.

  10. Lyle Says:

    Yeah; those are to be refered to as “globular heaters” in the future, m’kay? The term, “lightbulb” is right out.

    “There is something horribly wrong with this country.” No shit. I keep looking on the state fish and game website for hippie tags, but so far there are none for sale. Maybe I’ll have to e-mail an inquiry. I’d’ve though by now, surely…

  11. Jerry Says:

    Did you save up a few “eazy-bake” car keys?

  12. Michael Hawkins Says:

    Next up on makezine: retrofitting an easy bake oven with a LED light and 15 inches of nichrome resistor wire.

  13. aczarnowski Says:

    Pre-ban light bulbs? *shakes head sadly*

  14. Justthisguy Says:

    Hey! I remember being able to buy 150-Watt bulbs! I saw one glowing, not even a year ago. It was brightly purty.

  15. eman Says:

    That’s right. We can all buy 150 watt bulbs, put the dimmer down to 130 watts or whatever to get the 1690 or so lumens the 100 watt bulbs used to give us. Thanks california! Now I have to use 130 Watts to get 1690 lumens. I think this legislation will backfire.

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