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Happy Festivus

Blogging will be sporadic for the next several days. Stuff to do, gifts to assemble, food to cook. All of that.

You and yours have a merry Christmas. Or whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate. And, you know, you should really watch what you eat and maybe get some exercise while you’re at it.

7 Responses to “Happy Festivus”

  1. joe in houston Says:

    merry CHRISTMAS and a happy new year to you and yours

  2. rickn8or Says:

    Same to you, Unk. Except that “watch what you eat” and “get some excercise” malarkey of course.

  3. hellferbreakfast Says:

    I plan to do 1oz. curls with shots of Bulleitt bourbon. I’ll get my exercise alright.

  4. Blue Waters Says:

    Healthcare is on the govt dime lazy, eat pie and drink too much. I plan on burning out this liver and getting a new one next year.

  5. David Says:

    You have a good Christmas too Uncle.

  6. julie Says:

    Enjoy your Christmas … watching what you eat and exercising are left for New Year Resolutions, aren’t they?

  7. Heather Says:

    I’m eating whatever I want. Then I’m donning a 50lb pack and snowshoeing eight miles through -5 degree weather to a cabin for a few days.

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