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Cops on border to get AR-15s

Cameron County, TX:

To prepare for potential confrontation against armed gunmen, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department recently purchased about 100 AR-15 assault rifles to be carried by deputies in their patrol cars.

“We are all here on the border, and as we all know the cartels have some of these type of weapons,” Sheriff Omar Lucio said.

“With these rifles, we have at least the same if not better firepower in case of a major event. We also have to point out that these weapons are powerful enough to penetrate some types of body armor. If we ever get into a tough situation with someone from over there, we’ll be able to go ahead and take care of our people. Hopefully, it never happens. but if it does we’ll be ready,” he said.

26 Responses to “Cops on border to get AR-15s”

  1. Pat Says:

    I’m glad they are getting improved armament. Lord knows they need it. They need the better body armor to go with it as well. But I can’t see whee they think they are going to have the superior platform to the Cartels who are running a good number of personel with full-auto. They are still outgunned and out numbered. I guess the Catel getting there guns from Gun Shows through the loop-hole strikes again with a slight twist.

  2. one-eyed Jack Says:

    And, 16 years after the invention of the “Assault Weapon”, most still don’t get it. Jack.

  3. PawPaw Says:

    Once again, they’re behind the Power Curve. What they need is a section (2 tubes)of 4.2″ mortars in direct support. If they’re in a rural area then the collateral damage would be negligible, and there’s no sense in using direct fire, when indirect fire is so much more devastating.

    It would take a couple of weeks to train-up the mortar crews and give the line deputies a class on Call For Fire.

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Since they have a lot of open terrain there, I wonder if they’re going to use 6.8 SPC?

  5. Hartley Says:

    Paw-paw, you’re right, of course – a couple of 4-dueces would definitely make a big difference, tho a pair of 105s would REALLY set the tone.

    But I’m disappointed, really – I would have thought that in those wide-open spaces they would have opted for something in at least 30 caliber for a patrol rifle. It might have made ’em work harder training at the range, tho.

  6. workinwifdakids Says:

    For down there? AR-15s for every deputy is a good START. Now, they need their helos outfitted with M60s, and dedicated snipers with .50BMG long rifles. Now, before anyone gets started with the 338 Lapua, remember: these guys need to be able to disable the stuff the MexMil and cartels (yet, I repeat myself) are rolling into the states with.

  7. RWC Says:

    First mistake (and not to denigrate the sheriffs dept.)..

    To prepare for potential confrontation against armed gunmen, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department

    Should be dealt with by the armed forces.

  8. Rivrdog Says:

    Back some 30 years ago, the San Bernadino County SO face a similar (but actually lighter-armed) bunch of banditos in what was then called the “Norco Chase” or the “Norco Robbery”. During a protracted chase, the banditos threw grenades, fired auto weapons, etc.

    As a result of that one incident, the San Berdoo Sheriff had his helo fitted with an M-60, to be kept in a locker next to the helipad on the roof of the SO HQ.

    These cartel banditos are much-better armed and trained, and we’re STARTING with semi-auto poodleshooter rifles? I should think FN SCARs, at least.

    The perfect individual weapon for down there would be the new XM-25, and failing that, the AA-12 full-auto 12-ga. Using sabot-slugs, the 12-ga can put huge hurt on targets out past 150 yards, and in close-in warfare, is unequaled in individual firepower with 00B.

  9. mostly cajun Says:

    What’ did they do, buy them at one of those Texas gun shows, right off the table with the Browning M-2’s and RPG’s? (/snark)


  10. Ron W Says:

    They should be issued AR-10’s instead of AR-15’s. A .308 provides significantly superior firepower than the .223. Better for perforation of cover and to “reach out to touch someone”.

  11. Kristopher Says:

    RWC: Agree. This is definitely a case where the governor should call out the state militia.

    Only an incompetent leader fights fairly. Armed gangs that stray into the US need to be strafed from the air, and militia sent in to shoot the survivors.

  12. Robert Says:

    If they really want to deal the cartels a death blow, instead of these useless band-aid BS reactions, repeal all US drug laws.

  13. John A Says:

    Upgrading – good. But the reporter (and, if quotes are correct in context, Sheriff Lucio) gets almost everything else wrong. Sigh.

    A while back, I came across an article about NY City police doing a similar upgrade. Sometime in the 1920s. Illustrated by a motorcycle with a side-car that had a steel shield and mounted a full-out water-cooled machine gun. Now THAT is an upgrade! But I will admit I might have a heart attack if one waved me over for speeding…

  14. Paul Says:

    “We also have to point out that these weapons are powerful enough to penetrate some types of body armor.”

    So are they giving cops ‘cop killer’ guns?

    On a more serious side, hey even I own a AR-15. You mean cops on the border DON’T have their own rifles? Gee wiz man! I figured by now every cop and his dog would have ARs. I mean it’s not like gun shops don’t carry them!

  15. ExurbanKevin Says:

    A good start, although the park rangers at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument south of here have been going around in full battle rattle since 2003.

    And considering how the smugglers have submarines and close air support, they’re still out-gunned.

  16. Lyle Says:

    “To prepare for potential confrontation against armed gunmen…”

    As opposed to unarmed gunmen?

  17. Hunter Says:

    Now, how to track this story for a year or so, just to see how many are reported “lost from patrol car” or “picked up out of POV while off-duty”?

  18. Carla Says:

    I’m with RonW, what they really need are M1A1s.

  19. Ron W Says:

    Yes Carla!

    The M1A1 is an even better rifle….which I’d like to have. I do have a common man (affordable) .308 semi-auto rifle–a Saiga AK modified with compliant U.S. parts to use hi-cap 20 and 25 rd mags.

    On the border, our government needs to do just like they do with us citizens who may stray into Area 51 (which they used to claim not to exist), just post signs (in Espanol toward the south) that read: Deadly Force Authorized Beyond This Point

    But our government has long since been hi-jacked by traitors, so that ain’t gonna happen until they are removed!

  20. Jay Says:

    My SO has rifles (Mini-14s, with a handful of M14s), however I’m not allowed to qual on them. No qual for me on the shotguns either. 9mm Beretta it is! 😀

    Word is the sheriff is working on getting more of the M14s from the DRMO program, happy switch removed of course.

  21. JeremyR Says:

    This is where I am conflicted. I really don’t think police should be carrying military weapons. Okay, that’s stretching it a lot with an AR-15, but militarizing the police is not a good thing.

    But at the same time, if the government isn’t using the military to guard the border (which is pretty much the point of the military), they don’t have much choice.

    You’d think they could get something better than an AR-15 though – it combines all the problems of an M-16 with none of its advantages (basically little recoil when fired full auto, or in bursts)

  22. Jay Says:


    Police need rifles, incidents like the North Hollywood shootout screams that. If your opposed for police carrying AR-15s, what would you suggest officers carry for rifles?

  23. Pete Zaitcev Says:

    This is the problem isn’t it? Feds own the military and they are unwilling to use it to defend the country.

    As far as the bashing of AR-15 that goes on in shooting circles, I am not onboard. For all its vaunted reliablity, Mini is picky about its magazines, enough to compensate any issues of AR. A SCAR would be nice, but do you know how much they cost?

    The rifle cartridge is something to consider. But M14 is nice to poke holes in trucks that Mexican bandidos ride, but not for much else. AR-10? Please! At least ask for Kel-Tek RFB. All in all the dept. might’ve done the right thing after all.

  24. AJ187 Says:

    If I was a cop down there I would have already been carrying my personal rifle. Seems like border cops need to understand gunfighting a little better and one rule of a gunfight is to bring long guns over handguns.

  25. Gerry Says:

    I hope they get these some decent training to go with the weapons.

  26. Kevin Says:

    The Feds will supply a PD surplus military guns in standard military configuration. How you issues them is up to you, but the feds expect them to come back as they supplied them. For example, Albuquerque PD issues patrol rifles to (iirc) 1/5 to 1/10 of officers. These are surplus M16A1’s that the dept armorers modify to semi-only by swapping out parts in the fire control mechanism. The FA parts go in a box somewhere so they can be reinstalled if they send them back.