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Rhetoric and reality

After strong anti-establishment rhetoric, tea party darlings hire lobbyists.

7 Responses to “Rhetoric and reality”

  1. TomcatsHanger Says:

    I still don’t see the problem with lobbyists.

  2. Newman Says:

    Maybe they’re just following the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”?

  3. mariner Says:

    As longer as they’re lobbying for lower taxes and smaller, less intrusive government what’s the problem?

  4. Stuart the Viking Says:

    I read the article, and then read some of the comments. I see a number of (D)commenters telling the “teabaggers” that they were used by the Republicans and that they voted for the wrong side as if they should have voted for the Democrats. How delusional ARE these people? Neither the Republican nor the Democrat party represent the (serious) tea partiers. There are some serious, thinking, intelligent tea party members who have valid concerns about out-of-control big government spending this country back to third world status and tromping on liberty while doing so. In my view, the Democrats are (only slightly) more guilty of this than the Republicans.

    The yard stick on these new congress critters isn’t who they have hired. The yard stick is what they have these people do on our behalf. Rest assured that they will be watched.


  5. Tai Says:,18204/

  6. Bobby Says:

    Tai, That is brilliant. Great link.

  7. RC Says:

    Lobbyists are just the paid representation of the special interest group. The Dems have villified special interest groups but the reality is they are the best way for a person to get represented to congress critters. NRA (not popular with many here, i know) is an SIG, as is AOPA for aviation, largely general aviation, AMA for motorcyclists, etc. The list is endless. An SIG is your representative to your representative (sad anyone would have to say that in our country, but true). There is nothing inherently bad about them.

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