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Slide Fire Solutions Bump Firing Stock

Steve has a video of a new stock design that makes bump-firing easy. My first thought is that it sounds a lot like the Akins Accelerator. The stock even comes with a letter of approval from the ATF. Just like the Akins Accelerator did. But that didn’t stop ATF from later determining that the Akins was a machine gun. The difference seems to be that this stock has no mechanical parts. Here it is in action:

Would I buy one? Probably. But only if I were willing to lose the $319 it cost after ATF changes its mind. If it worked for 22LR conversions, then definitely.

11 Responses to “Slide Fire Solutions Bump Firing Stock”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    And again, the stupidity of our gun laws is exposed.

    It’s too dangerous to allow people to own firearms that can fire more than one bullet per trigger pull that were made in or after 1987 and can only own ones made before it after an expensive and lengthy process that requires all sorts of background checks and sign offs.

    However, so long as you pull the trigger once for each round, it doesn’t matter if you can do it just as fast and accurate as a forbidden gun.

    I assume it’s for the children.

  2. JP Says:

    320 bucks is a lot to spend on something that just lets you spend more money faster. Sure I bet its fun, but not at that cost.

  3. Gunmart Says:

    You wouldnt catch my finger prints on that thing…. ATF approval letter or not.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but has there not been a case where it was ruled that a guy’s starndard old plain jane rifle was deemed full auto just because it was accidentaly bump firing?

    I wouldn’t risk prison or the lawyer costs on this one.

  4. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    “320 bucks is a lot to spend on something that just lets you spend more money faster.”

    Especially when you could remove the locking mechanism from a standard collapsible stock and get the same damn thing.

  5. LeatherMan Says:

    “Correct me if I am wrong”

    You are ;). That was slam firing, which is mechanically very different from bump firing. Easy terminology mistake there, no worries.

    The important distinction between this and the akins product is the lack of any mechanical device to return the trigger automatically into the firing hand’s non-moving finger. It relies on the non-dominant arm constantly pulling the gun forward, and that willful motion is the exact same in normal, stock-less bump firing which is completely legal.

    I want to doubt that the ATF will turn on them, but of course I know how terribly inconsistent the ATF rulings can be.

    Lastly, I’d love to purchase this stock, but it’s about 200 dollars more than I’d ever consider. I’d rather make a shoddy duplicate in my basement with a spare 6-position, A2 grip, and $10 worth of parts from Home Depot. In fact, I just might do that…

  6. mikee Says:

    Enough examples of items like the Akins Accelerator and this device, especially if sales figures are produced, and they will become legal under the Heller decision’s “in common use” dicta. Which is a problem, because popularity of a firearm, much like popularity of a political opinion, should not be a consideration when individual rights are under consideration. And I doubt when push comes to shove in a Supreme Court decision that “in common use” will stand. Otherwise, those who scream leftist BS outside Republican conventions will be the next to be rounded up under the idea that rights must be acceptable to some large portion of the society to be valid.

  7. Rivrdog Says:

    You want to bump-fire? The gun boards and other Internet places are full of advice on how to train yourself to do it, and modify your gun “legally” to make it easier to do it.

    The key here is DO IT YOURSELF, and don’t make a trail while doing it that leads back to you. You KNOW that there’s a list somewhere in of bump-fire advocates, bump-fire equipment purchasers, and all people publicly stating that they will teach anyone the skills of bump-firing.

    The considers these to be “mad-skilz”, rightly or wrongly. Keep your “mad-skilz” to yourself.

  8. Gunmart Says:

    Thank you LeatherMan

  9. Some Guy Says:

    All the noise and half the accuracy! I’m in!

  10. chris Says:

    I would like to see that stock in my Christmas stocking.

  11. Andrew Says:

    Well, I ordered one. Invoice number was real low. And it is on backorder. Not promising from the get go.

    I will let you know how it works out. If my email is sent from a email account ending in “state.pen”, the answer will be obvious.

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