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Top 10 Concealed Carry Guns

A list, that I do not agree with. If I was going to carry the number one choice on the list, it would be as back up gun to my back up gun. Via MJM.

17 Responses to “Top 10 Concealed Carry Guns”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    That was stupid…. The guy established criteria and then completely ignores it…. NAA Mini as the #1 ??? Were there not criteria categories for “power” and “simple to use”? —> “Nothing that makes you think beyond pulling a trigger”

    Not to mention that the only Glocks and M&Ps that should show up on the list should be the sub compact versions…. should his criteria not dictate that the subcompacts trump the full size and compact versions of the very same gun?


  2. Spade Says:

    The whole “ZOMG how can you have a safety on your carry gun you will forget about it and die horrifically!” thing sure is annoying.

  3. MJM Says:

    Disclaimerville: Just thought it was an interesting delve into the perpetual quest for “the best.” I don’t carry any of those listed and mine didn’t make the list. Now, the surprising inclusion of the NAA .22 magnum, I understood to be his last of the ten–looked to me like he worked backwards. The list is a good reminder that the best carry gun left home violates the rule: Don’t show up at a gun fight without a gun.

  4. Mu Says:

    No Walter PPK on the list?

  5. longwatch Says:

    There can be something said for the gun that you have no excuse not to carry and .22 Magnum isn’t the worst choice in a mousegun.

  6. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Fuck him, I carry a 1911 : ]

  7. Gunmart Says:

    Fuck him, I carry a 1911 : ]

    Fuck 1911s, I carry a Glock đŸ˜€

  8. Ellen Says:

    What? No Ruger LCP?

  9. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Gunmart, Touchee! LOL, well played! đŸ˜€

  10. Huck Says:

    I primarily carry a S&W model 10. (4 inch barrel) Just draw and shoot, no safety to flick off, nothing fancy period. As for weight, it aint no anchor but it aint a feather either.

    I’m with you Weer’d, my secondary pistol is a full size 1911. đŸ™‚

  11. Karl Rehn Says:

    When it’s time to save your life, the gun you want in your hand is the one you shoot the best. Not the one that’s “least inconvenient” to carry. What’s inconvenient is being dead, or spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair unable to walk. Not having an extra pound of metal on your belt and having to untuck your damn shirt or buy a wider thicker belt.

    Shouldn’t any list of concealed carry guns start with a definition of “mission requirement?” (X rounds into a target of Y size at Z yards from the shooter in A seconds, starting with hands at sides and gun carried just as you would on the street).

    Why is it that the majority of gun owners can’t even guess as to what the values of X,Y,Z, and A should be – yet they ALL have an opinion about what gun is ideal — for a task they can’t even define???

  12. divemedic Says:

    his criteria are pretty stupid. Just because I don’t want to get hit by any gun doesn’t meant that any gun is the best. Sure, if I shoot you with a .22, you may die on the way to the hospital, but that doesn’t help me if you already stabbed me to death.

  13. Spade Says:

    “When it’s time to save your life, the gun you want in your hand is the one you shoot the best. Not the one that’s “least inconvenient” to carry…Not having an extra pound of metal on your belt and having to untuck your damn shirt or buy a wider thicker belt.”

    Even that’s a pretty silly argument. I’m 6’1″, 165 lbs (a stick, basically) and my EDC gun is a Beretta 92FS. Which, I am reliably told, is far too big for me to carry and conceal under anything less than a trenchcoat. Of course, I do it under a polo shirt because I bothered to invest in a quality holster and belt.

    I went with the 92 ’cause I shoot it very well. No other reason.

  14. Sigivald Says:

    I want an NAA Mini, but I always have.

    I just don’t let myself think it’s an adequate self-defense firearm – just a fun toy for shooting tin cans.

    (It’d be better than nothing, but I’m not sure I can think of a plausible case for me, in a world where I get off my ass and get a CCW, where it would be an NAA Mini or nothing.)

  15. Paul Says:

    NAA Mini as the #1, that guy mentioned simple to use. You ever try to cock one of those NAAs fast while someone is trying to punch or shoot you? And power? A NNA? I think it’s one of the least powerful defensive guns made except a .25 ACP!

    No, I can see the NAA as a hideout or backup, but not ones primary carry gun. And I include TCPs/LCP/P3AT/P32, NAA .32s, etc in this class.

    Smith J snub, maybe. PF9/KHAR/Robar P9/etc… yea. Glock 26/27/33 yea! Same for the sub-compact Smith M&P autos. But no NAA mini-revolver could be in that class.

  16. LKP Says:

    I either carry a Sigpro 2340 or a Beretta 92fs in a Comptac MTAC holster. I’ve driven from Knoxville to Myrtle Beach wearing one of these weapons and had very little discomfort. But it’s hard to say there is a poor choice. If you carry a particular weapon, train with it regularly and develop good situational awareness then it really doesn’t matter what you carry. If you do all of these things you already know if a particular weapon is a good choice or a piece of crap. Each user is unique.
    A lot of people swear by Glocks but they feel too light for my tastes. I’ve met a lot of cops who carry Springfield XD’s off duty but I have concerns about the grip safety. The author said no complicated controls but I trained for years with a Beretta and am used to flipping the safety off with my thumb as I draw it out of the holster.
    I remember reading about a recent ballistics study that suggested that the wound channels for 9mm, 40 s&w and 45 acp are similar. If penetration was achieved then similar results were obtained for all 3 rounds. Yeah, the weapons I carry are nines and forties. But no way will I volunteer to let you shoot me with a 22, 25 or 380 to prove they are unworthy to carry! If you want to test that theory shoot your own damn self!

  17. Kim du Toit Says:

    “I just don’t let myself think it’s an adequate self-defense firearm – just a fun toy for shooting tin cans.”

    It’s not even that. Because mostly, yer gonna miss the cans, and .22 Mag is almost as expensive to shoot as .45 ACP, these days.

    The Mrs. has an NAA in .22 Mag, and she NEVER leaves home — hell, she never leaves the HOUSE — without it. When she asked me the best way to shoot it, I said, “Stick it up the guy’s nose, and pull the trigger.”

    As for the .22 Mag’s power: I once saw a fox shot with one, and its head was broken in half. I mean, the top half came off and flew about five feet away from the body.

    I still have my Marlin 882 in .22 Mag, and I lurves it. It’s a nice companion piece for my 880 .22 LR.

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