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Musical Interlude

I really like these guys but I miss their former drummer:

7 Responses to “Musical Interlude”

  1. ViolentIndifference Says:

    What happened to the drummer? He was classic. Totally stoic looks in that IQ of 13 kind of way. The Walk Like an Egyptian video left me in stitches.

  2. SPQR Says:

    The new drummer seems to have borrowed that hat …

  3. Newman Says:

    Yeah, Junior Jr. was the best. Junior is the #1 son with the fiddle. Junior Jr. is the #2 son. It’s not the same without Junior Jr.

  4. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Three responses and a post?

    They’re far too mainstream for me to check out now.

  5. nk Says:

    I don’t know whether geek or gay fits them better. Maybe dork?

  6. Jerry Says:

    I like their originals better:

  7. Gun Blobber Says:

    The BossHoss are more outlaw country than bluegrass, but the idea of “country covers of rap/pop songs” is a hit in Germany:


    Studio versions:

    The last one is part short film, part music video, so please excuse the non-music parts and the strong language. It is their best song IMO.

    And yes, the band members are all German. IMO they do a pretty good job of a Southern/Western US accent.

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