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You don’t have to fly. You can take a bus

Oh, wait. Not sure what’s sadder. That the press is a willing lapdog in this or that TSA is at bus stations.

4 Responses to “You don’t have to fly. You can take a bus”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Probable cause????

  2. Rivrdog Says:

    I remember the joke of the ’60s: “Take this bus to Havana” (lots of hijacking of airplanes to Cuba then, IYRC).

    Seriously, there are going to be a lot of unhappy TSA people when they start dealing with the underclass that rides the intercity buses.

    It will NOT be fun to get personal with someone’s 350# aunt or uncle who is riding off to visit the cuzzins in Lower Slobovia, since bathing frequently and washing clothing are frequently foreign to those folks.

    Nope, I imagine the TSA will assign their least fave troops to the bus depots…

  3. Rivrdog Says:

    BTW, we have the TSA on one of our Max light-rail lines here in Stumptown, OR, and they started when the line opened, but totally just watched as it was taken over by the same drug gangs who took over the other three lines earlier.

    Whadda buncha maroons!

  4. Nick Says:

    Now if only GM could make their onstar cars with nude imaging scanners that send the pics to the TSA for remote screening, every mode of transport would be safe!!!

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