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ABA on Guns

An argument that there has not been a shift on guns since Heller or McDonald. Sure, if you ignore DC and Chicago. And other suits in Cali, MD, and elsewhere. No one said it would happen over night.

2 Responses to “ABA on Guns”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    This from the same organization that routinely gives us such scholarly articles as “The Continuing Struggle for the First Amendment” or “Freedom of Speech after Gitlow”!*

    The ABA stopped being serious even before I was in undergrad.

    *Gitlow v. New York (1925) (First Amendment’s speech and press applies to States via Fourteenth)

  2. chris Says:

    I dropped out of the ABA almost 20 years ago.

    It is a political organization (a de facto PAC) which disguises itself as a professional organization.

    The Federalist Society is my bar association.