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7 years for lawful guns

In NJ, of course. For those hoping Christie will grant clemency, I doubt I’d put much faith in a politician from Jersey to do the right thing on guns.

2 Responses to “7 years for lawful guns”

  1. Veeshir Says:

    It’s hard to tell from that article, but those weren’t “lawful” guns.

    They were legal in Colorado, but he was in NJ and his political, social, moral and intellectual betters had not told him that he could have them. Sure he contacted the NJ police to try to make them legal, but he didn’t follow through.

    The problem is their laws, not this particular arrest.

  2. Chas Says:

    Our Second Amendment, constitutional right to keep and bear arms, is a crime instead of a right in the backwards People’s Democratic Republic of New Jersey – a state that functions as though it was not part of the United States. The opposite of a right is a crime, and that’s how they read the Second Amendment in the PDRNJ – bassackwards.
    He might as well have possessed those guns in the Soviet Union for the way he’s been treated.
    When did New Jersey secede from the union? Why doesn’t the US Constitution apply to people there?
    I don’t see any asterisks in the US Constitution that refer to a footnote that says, “*does not apply to New Jersey”.
    Oh well, we’ve defeated fascists, communists and would-be totalitarians before; we can do it again. It’s just such a nuisance when it comes from people who claim to be Americans despite acting like Euroweenie wannabes.

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