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Tell me about the S&W M&P9

These. Handled one at the gun show today and I really liked the feel and grip angle.

27 Responses to “Tell me about the S&W M&P9”

  1. workinwifdakids Says:

    Boringly accurate. Still exciting to pick up a handgun I’ve never seen before, and shoot whatever I wanted all over the range, going as fast as I wanted and not even trying. Really, really nice.

  2. ZK Says:

    I shoot one in IDPA, and they’re really nice. I’m a 1911 snob, but when I want to run 9mm, it’s an M&P every time. Not sure what else to say.

  3. Kujo21 Says:

    I just got rid of my Glock due to it not fitting my hands and replaced it with a M&P. Smooth shooter with light recoil. Very accurate. I did test out a bunch of handguns and picked this one out of 5 different ones. I shot the model with a safety and with out, found out I really didn’t like the position of the lever. Really nice gun overall.

  4. James Nelson Says:

    Bought a .45 and a .40 compact a couple of years ago, and I carry the compact. Boringly reliable and accurate, I’ve sometimes tried switching back to my HK USP 45 compact or one of the Sigs, but it never lasts and I end up with the M&P again.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I carry an M&P9c. Love it. Accurate and reliable.

  6. Ben C Says:

    60k + endurance test

    I like mine, it fits my hands, shoots well and is very reliable. CT laser integration is nice too.

  7. JD Says:

    I have the full size 9mm, love it. Never had a problem and it is easy to take down for cleaning too. The changeable grips that come with it are nice so you can get it to fit your hand just right. I highly recommend it.

  8. ATL Says:

    Yeah, the M&P is a great pistol. The grip angle is the same as the 1911. S&W took the best aspects of the Glock and built upon it with the M&P. I shoot a Glock full time but if I had the bread I would switch to the M&P.

  9. Maxpwr Says:

    I got rid of my Beretta 92 after buying an M&P full size a year ago. I like the Beretta, but I like the M&P much more.

  10. Stephen Says:

    Have a 9c and a 40 full size. Love them both, and am using them now instead of my four Glocks. Used to be solely a Glock man, and put my hands on an M&P about six months back, bought two and haven’t looked back.

    The M&Ps feel wonderful in my hand, and are a dream to shoot. I am looking at trading in a Glock for the .45 right now – which I don’t need but would love to have.

  11. DirtCrashr Says:

    It’s the one plastic gun I think I would like. Haji likes his.
    I would be happy with one in .45ACP – I dunno about the thumb safety since you can get it with or without, but all the cool, dark earth brown ones seem to have it.

  12. Rustmeister Says:

    Not as good as the 6906. ;-P

  13. Fred Says:

    I snagged a used M&P9 fullsize (disabled mag disconnect, thumb safeties) about two months ago for a decent price-

    Only issues that have come up so far have been 2 out of 400+ rounds of Tulammo that didn’t extract. Most likely not the gun’s fault.

    It fits my hand well and the low bore height makes it pretty fast shooting. I have an Apex duty/carry kit I need to get around to installing to smooth up and lighten the trigger, when I get around to that I’ll have a review up for the kit.

  14. jumpthestack Says:

    I have a M&P45 and they’re great.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the trigger pull and long reset, which was fixed by adding the Apex DCAEK trigger kit.

    The gang at are nuts about the M&P, and there are a lot of subject matter experts on there.

    One thing to watch out for: when you slam a fully loaded mag hard into the mag well when the slide is locked back, especially when you slam it in at a forward angle, the slide will go forward automatically every time. And then if you don’t use the right technique, it will only do it sometimes. It’s nice in a way since you don’t need to hit the slide lock lever or rack the slide to do a speed reload, but some people may not like it if they want consistency with other guns.

  15. Tim Says:

    I have the full size M&P 9 and I like it a lot. But I like my XDM 9 a little better. A little more accurate and also feels great in the hand.

  16. Karl Rehn Says:

    Lots to love with the M&P. Narrower grip than XD or Glock. Standard M&P is very close to G19 size, which makes it a great size for a practical, shootable carry gun. Apex trigger kit can be installed easily, provides an excellent crisp trigger. CT laser grip insert is much “cleaner” laser install than Glock or XD wraparound kludge, for those that like/want a laser. Good friend of mine/Houston PD officer shot Advanced (basically IPSC GM level) at the Rogers school using his duty M&P 9 last month. All the things you like about Glock with all the things you hate about Glock (grip angle, crappy factory sights, plastic mags, sproingy trigger) fixed. Austin, TX PD (1000+ officers) all switching to M&P .40.

  17. Matt Says:

    I was talking about this with a Glock smith this weekend. He bought one for his wife after she didn’t like the fit of her XD 9mm, she likes it a lot, and he bought a fullsize M&P 9mm for steels.

    I’ve held M&Ps before, they fit best for me with the meduim grip swell, and put off switching from Glocks, since I like and shoot my 19 and 26 pretty well, as well as having a bunch of mags, but I might have to pick one up and see how the Koolaid tastes :). I have a Beretta 92 I like but don’t shoot much, and will never carry, and buying a fullsize M&P sounds like a good replacement.

  18. Bobbinga Says:

    I like it, I still need test it out at the range. I handled it last night at the shop and loved how it felt in my hands.

  19. ben Says:

    I’ve got the M&P 9 compact. Good little gun, but doesn’t carry flat like a 1911 at all. It’s a lot bulkier than my full size 1911.

  20. Lottaguns Says:

    Some instructors I know tell me that the M&P line of pistols have the _least_ failure to fire incidents than all of the other guns they see.
    Good enough endorsement for me.

  21. Mark Says:

    I have one, only dislike is long and barely perceptible reset, which is fixable with the already mentioned Apex kit. Lots of earthy types use and love them, and in their opinion I trust.
    I put a 10-8 U notch rear sight on mine; personal preference.

  22. Heather Says:

    I’ve got a full and compact 40. Love them! The ambi-mag release is great for lefty-me. Fits my hand really well.

  23. Don Says:

    I have 3 M&P9s, a Compact, a standard, and a Pro Series. Each one has over 1500 rounds (the Pro has over 3000 rounds through it) without a single malfunction, shooting a mix of WWB, Federal, and Speer ammunition. I love them and my wife has confiscated the Compact for herself. I have heard a lot of people complain about the trigger, specifically the reset. I went to the M&P from Beretta 92s, and never owning/shooting a Glock, the trigger is not bad to me.

  24. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I’d own an M&P9 today if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d have a 17+1 shot gun that I could only load 10+1.

    I’m thinking about getting an M&P45 and setting it up as a bear gun for hiking and camping

    I’ve only really handled the mass-compliant 10# trigger, and actually I rather like it as it feels kinda like shooting a DA revolver. Not as close as a Kahr Trigger, but a LOT closer than most of the striker-fired pistols on the market. For those who are used to that kind of trigger this might be a minus. For people like myself who shoot mostly 1911s and DA Wheel guns, its very nice.

  25. The Duck Says:

    Really really Like.

    Have 2 a standard 4 inch, and a “Pro series”, they both shoot very well, and the Pro shoots one hole groups.

    I highly recommend it, the grip straps fit even the smaller hands well

  26. aczarnowski Says:

    Add another one to the + column. The M&P9 has become the house standard full size bottom loader.

  27. Richard Says:

    I love my M&P9. With Gold Dot 147 grain ammo, it is the most accurate 9mm pistol I have ever shot. I prefer 115-127 grain self defense loads, and my M&P9 is very accurate with these as well. But, the 147 grain GOld Dots were scary accurate.

    Low recoil, good sights, and fits my hand better than my Glocks. I love my M&P.

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