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Not appealing

In Wisconsin, a ban on concealed carry was struck down as unconstitutional. The state will not appeal the ruling.

3 Responses to “Not appealing”

  1. Maxpwr Says:

    Since conservatives massacred the liberals state wide in Wisconsin this election season, it is just a matter of time before CCW is passed here. It would be nice if went from total prohibition to no-permit-required CCW, but we’ll see what they do.

  2. MJM Says:

    Delighted, especially since I travel into the state often. Congratulations, Wisconsin, it’s happening despite Marxist Madisonia.

  3. M Gallo Says:

    We’ll have comprehensive (perhaps even non-permitted) carry within 9 months, and I’ll guess it’ll go into effect by mid 2012 at the latest. Hold tight, we’ve got some tax and voting issues to worry about first.

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